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By Sebastien Marion

Google Trends | WT Social | YCombinator | Mediactive



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Search University
Google Trends | WT Social | YCombinator | Mediactive
By Sebastien Marion • Issue #2 • View online
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  • Published by Google News, Lab Data Editor, Simon Rogers, the Google Trends newsletter gives you daily trends on how the world is searching. Here is how the Internet has moved up the funnel from price comparison to expertise.
  • At a time of isolation and social withdrawal, Internet windows offer a journey to distant and remote places. Swap web browsers, drive in a foreign country, and navigate a world map and listen to live radio.
  • WT Social is a new social media platform by WikiPedia founder Jimmy Wales. Here is the QAnon hashtag megapost in the Fighting Misinformation microsite.
  • Google is launching certificates on the Coursera platform. From Kent Walker, senior VP of Global Affairs: “In our own hiring, we will now treat these new career certificates as the equivalent of a 4-year degree for related roles.” The first 3 courses are data analytics, project management and UX design.
  • YCombinator released a startup library, a selection of curated content that makes up the core curriculum of Y Combinator Startup School, from fundraising document templates, to tips on how to pitch, to strategies for navigating COVID-19.
  • Focusing awareness on publication bias, new academic journal The Series of Unsurprising Results in Economics [SURE] will only publish research that is boring. 
  • Right-wing media continues to dominate Facebook. Here are the top-performing link posts on U.S. Facebook pages daily.
  • Dan Gilmor is running a free 3 week course for adults who want to know more about digital media, misinformation and media literacy.
  • Mobile and abundance are causing information seeking behavior to change
  • YouTube published a new set of insights with information about the most popular video topics since the pandemic started. Classified as a search engine, YouTube is the 2nd most popular.
  • Web searches for acute anxiety are at an all time high, 375,000 more searches than expected for a total of 3.4 million searches.
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