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Scott Santens
Scott Santens
Welcome to Foreword to Civilization by me, Scott Santens. Writer and Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) advocate with a crowdfunded basic income; Board of Directors, Fund For Humanity; Editor, Basic Income Today; Senior Advisor, Humanity Forward
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Scott Santens
Scott Santens @scottsantens

This is a place where I can share my thoughts in a different way than I can on Twitter or my articles, where I can write unrestrained by character limits, but perhaps more concisely than my articles. I’ll keep things shorter here, but not always, and focus on more things than just UBI, but of course I'll still write about UBI. It just won’t be the only thing. My underlying theme here is about the stuff we need to do to create a better world - one that eventually, actually, and honestly can be referred to as “civilized.” If that sounds interesting to you, please hit the subscribe button, and we’ll see where this goes together…

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