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We apologize for the delay in getting our newsletter to you.  We’re getting back on a regular schedule with our newsletter to cover all the important news related to schizophrenia recovery and prevention.  
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To discuss the news we encourage you to join in our popular and active discussion forum for people who are diagnosed or have psychosis / schizophrenia, and also the forum for caretakers and family members - see links below.

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There are thousands of people active in our forum every week for support and sharing.  We are the world’s leading schizophrenia-focused community.  Join in today!  Click on the links below:
Schizophrenia Diagnosed Forums
Family and Caregiver Schizophrenia Discussions Forum
Schizophrenia Recovery
Duloxetine Add-On to Risperidone for Treatment of Negative Symptoms in Patients with Stable Schizophrenia
Adding the supplement Sarcosine to Antipsychotic Treatment in Patients with Stable Schizophrenia - Improves Health of Neurons and Clinical Symptoms
New Medication: ITI-007 for the Treatment of Schizophrenia: A 4-Week Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Trial
More Black People Are Diagnosed With Schizophrenia But Few Are Treated
Nobody is Judging You as Harshly as You Judge Yourself (Message from Person who has Schizophrenia)
CBT for Psychosis is Effective in Clinical Setting - Latest Research
Buspirone added to typical antipsychotic drugs Improves Negative Symptoms in patients with chronic schizophrenia
Vitamin D safeguards against antipsychotic drug's diabetes risk
Unwell and unashamed The stigma of mental illness is under attack by sufferers, who are coming out publicly and defiantly
Schizophrenia Prevention
Flu during Pregnancy seems to Increase Risk of Schizophrenia by 300% in Child
Smoking during pregnancy may up schizophrenia risk by 38% in kids
Pot-related psychosis linked to early ‘dangerous’ use
Brain Tissue Study Deepens Autism–Schizophrenia Link
What Can Rats Tell Us about Adolescent Cannabis Exposure?
New Schizophrenia Research
Study finds link between stress hormone and stage of schizophrenia
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