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Scaleworks Newsletter - Issue #5

January was a big month for the Scaleworks family, as we introduced our venture debt fund, led by new
Scaleworks Newsletter
Scaleworks Newsletter - Issue #5
By Scaleworks Team • Issue #5 • View online
January was a big month for the Scaleworks family, as we introduced our venture debt fund, led by newly hired Karl Pichler (GP, Venture Finance). We’re excited to have Karl here with us.
Lew Moorman shared his thoughts on hiring scrappers, which was featured on LinkedIn. Ed Byrne was also featured on LinkedIn, discussing the importance of working with a sense of urgency.

Chargify - Elastic Billing
On February 1st, Chargify announced Elastic Billing to the world, the next generation of their platform. The concept of Elastic Billing acknowledges the reality that modern businesses are moving beyond one-size-fits-all subscriptions to create more personalized, ever-changing relationships with their customers. To learn more about this shift, check out this blog post: “Move Over Subscriptions. The Future Is Elastic And Built Around Relationships.”
In tangent to the Elastic Billing announcement, Chargify unveiled a new logo, launched a new website, and released a series of feature enhancements including: A complete overhaul of Invoices to be more focused around relationships. Stacked Promotions to enable more personalized pricing capabilities. Analytics filters that includes Switch revenue to understand how revenue flows between plans, something that no other providers in the space offer.
Chris Cochran, Chargify’s CEO, was quoted in a TechCrunch article saying that: “Subscriptions have given way to complex relationship pricing, often resulting in a unique price per customer that changes every month. Big companies have built custom software to meet this need. We built Elastic Billing so anyone could do it.”
Chargify has covered a lot of mileage during the first month of 2018 and continues to keep their foot on the throttle with an aggressive roadmap planned for the rest of the year. To learn how Chargify’s Elastic Billing can help give your business a competitive edge, schedule a call with one of their Billing Experts.  
Followup - Relationship Management
FollowUp’s New Year’s raffle came to an end, with Personal CRM power user Rachel Findlay winning our grand prize of $500! Congrats to Rachel, don’t spend it all in one place ;)
In product news, we’re taking a huge step forward by launching email reminders to compliment our contact focused reminders. This new feature was one of our most requested, and perfect for ensuring your conversations don’t slip through the cracks. It all ties back to FollowUp’s mission - to provide you with the best tools to strengthen your professional relationships.
User acquisition has skyrocketed in the past 30 days as we’ve increased our total user count by 46%. While there’s still a ways to go, we’re climbing quickly and confident in our direction. Also worth mentioning is that after taking a nasty fall, FollowUp CTO Florian Hines is back to health and firing on all cylinders - we’re ecstatic to have him back in the office!
Earth Class Mail - Office Mail Automation
So many great things happening at ECM, where to start? We kicked off Q1 by setting clear goals; the team is fired up and ready to win! Though we’ll be interviewing customers & prospects and testing a lot, we’re not taking our foot off the gas! We’ve got a dual focus on improving our current offering while validating our refined strategy. Shout out to Paulina for helping us grow our team in Poland, we now have 2 devs starting in March! 
Filestack - Content Ingestion Network
Filestack has made the most out of 2018 with a focus on community involvement, and of course, bringing more power to our developers. We were very excited to announce a new and improved document viewer! This feature will prove especially useful for the Ed Tech community whose customers need an easy way to analyze and look over learning materials. We then capped off January with our first developer meet up in the new office. Big shout out to our very own Richard Herbert for leading a great presentation and discussion over Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning!
Qualaroo - Customer Decision Analysis
Austin Lunch & Learn: Understand Why Customers & Prospects Make Decisions
Austin Lunch & Learn: Understand Why Customers & Prospects Make Decisions
Qualaroo hosted their first Lunch & Learn event of 2018 (Jan 26) at The Central Standard in Austin, Texas. Highlights:
  • Launched campaign #2018why - What why are you asking your prospects and customers?
  • Exceeded our 50 attendee goal by 20% with 65 attendees!
  • Company attendees included BigCommerce, Tenfold, Sticherads, Cratejoy, WPEngine, TrendKite, ClearDATA
  • Panel discussion was led by leaders from Scaleworks, Hubspot, DigitalMarketer and Qualaroo
San Francisco Mobile Growth Summit & Qualaroo Sponsored Happy Hou
San Francisco Mobile Growth Summit & Qualaroo Sponsored Happy Hou
Qualaroo also sponsored the Mobile Growth Summit in San Francisco last week (Feb 8th) and hosted a networking happy hour at NovelaSF. This 2-day mobile marketing community conference was our first chance at getting the new Qualaroo mobile SDK in front of decision makers and potential partners.
  • Continued the conversation on #2018why and started campaigning our MobileSDK to prepare for our Mobile launch coming up in the end of February.
  • Company attendees included LinkedIn (customer), Instapage (customer), GreatSchools (customer), TheThrillSF, EA and Deloitte
  • Exceeded our goal of 30 attendees by 25% with over 40 attendees (standing room only!)
GUIDE: Questions Every Product Owner & Marketer Should Be Asking Their Prospects & Customers
What “why” are you asking your prospects & customers? Qualaroo reviewed over 123 million responses in their database and pulled out the top questions every marketer or product owner should be asking their prospects and customers.
  • These questions have received over 10K responses and have at least a 20% response rate
  • Download the Question Guide for Marketers here.
  • Download the Question Guide for Product Owners here
Assembla - Enterprise Cloud Version Control
Assembla had a great time in Oakland California for Developer week! Our team met some great people in our booth while testing the knowledge of attendees with our live conference jeopardy game. If you missed Jacek’s talk Shifting Security to The Left here are some highlights.
  • Companies are spending more on security but breachers are at an all time high.
  • Too much money is going to post deployment security when in reality 90% of vulnerabilities related to issues in the code.
  • Key is to shift your security paradigm to the left and start with your source code.
  • Want to take action? Start by adopting an automation and security culture.
We will be in California again for the Game Developers Conference in March so make sure to stop by our booth if you are in town. 
We also released an update for Cornerstone 3.1 is here!
New features include:
  • Subversion 1.9 – Cornerstone will now support all versions of Subversion above 1.7
  • Annual Licensing – With an annual license, all future upgrades will be included at no extra cost.
  • Repair Files – This feature solves the problem of users renaming files without deleting the old version of that file from the repository.
To get the free update head over to
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