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Martin B. Justesen
Martin B. Justesen
I just finished watching Levy Rozman’s videos on the Spice Cup tournament that he competed in. The videos are great! Not just because of the content, but also because they are recorded so close to the games, that you can see/hear the emotions that arrises from playing OTB chess.
Following the tournament has been a rollercoaster.

I Quit.
I Quit.
His video made me think of the difficulties between being a chess content creator and also wanting to improve to the next level (watch the end if you are busy). Something I also have been puzzling with, although on a much lower level. Creating content is a time investment that not directly leads to chess improvements.
On the other hand creating content can open new doors in the chess world. It is a two bladed sword, and there will always be opponents who dedicates their time 100% towards getting better. The last weeks I have myself spent more time on studying, but I now miss to create content.
I don’t have any answers, but I do not hope Levy quits
Have a nice weekend.
/ Martin
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Martin B. Justesen
Martin B. Justesen @saychess1

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