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Martin B. Justesen
Martin B. Justesen
I played my first weekend tournament in over a decade and it was a lot more demanding than I had expected.
The time format was 90+30 with 30 minutes added at move 40 which allowed for some long games. Especially Sunday was rough with back-to-back losses. In the last game, my concentration gave in at move 50'ish when I allowed the time to get to zero, and I lost a drawn ending.

Results from Holbæk Løvfald 2021
Results from Holbæk Løvfald 2021
After a great start with ¾ in my weekly club tournament, it was a mental blow to finish with 1,5/5 in the weekend tournament.
I lost 9 rating points, so it is a small setback in my road towards 2000 FIDE, but I think the lessons I can gain from these 5 games will be very valuable. The games I lost were all against teenagers, who all seemed to have invested a lot of time playing during the pandemic. On a positive note, I only think I got outplayed in one game against the winner of the group and even in that game, I had a chance.
Say Chess
Many hours worth of chess games waiting to be looked at
It will take some mental processing to first digest the experience before I analyze the games, but I think it is essential that I take the necessary time to avoid just feeding the games to the engine and move on.
Say Chess
The weekend tournament has been soo draining that I missed my alarm in the morning for two straight days.. never happens 😄
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Martin B. Justesen
Martin B. Justesen @saychess1

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