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Newsletter from Say Chess - Information Overload

Martin B. Justesen
Martin B. Justesen
I have been thinking about the huge amount of content chess improvers get bombarded with daily. It is nothing like on the time of Fischer where he always was on the lookout after the scarce soviet chess magazines. I also remember reading about Gelfand having troubles finding magazines. Today the same information Fischer and Gelfand had to spend money and time to get just a click away. Recently Yasser and Ashley talked about the differences between new school and old school.

2021 Sinquefield Cup: Old School vs. New School | Parkside Chat
2021 Sinquefield Cup: Old School vs. New School | Parkside Chat
It’s clear that the chess world has changed and we are seeing an increasing number of chess apps, digital databases, videos and other resources available for the improving player. Many of the resources are really great, but I think that the chances of information overload is getting ever higher.
But why is information overload a problem for your chess training?
I have noticed that I often read and watch videos about chess improvement instead of doing actual chess training. Other times I jump between training tools. You have maybe also consumed tons of chess streams, videos, and articles in the belief that it gives you chess enlightenment. But if you keep consuming information there will be no time for taking action and working your way closer to your goal. It’s a balancing act. Often consuming chess information has made me change my plans, which actually end up slowing my progress.
“Try reading a book while doing a crossword puzzle. That’s the intellectual environment of the Internet.”
— Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains
I think one of the best ways to improve is simply by picking a chess book you like and to read/solve it.
This is something I will do moving forward while being focused on my intake of new chess information. Finally here is a good point from Kostya from the Chess Dojo on why to read chess books.
IM @hellokostya drops some 🔥 about one of the most underrated methods of improving... #chessimprovement #chesspunks
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Martin B. Justesen
Martin B. Justesen @saychess1

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