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Newsletter from Say Chess - 'Chess Fundamentals' and a new newsletter platform!

Martin B. Justesen
Martin B. Justesen
Just if you haven’t noticed the design of the newsletter has changed a bit. I moved it back to Revue, which has been bought by Twitter. This has opened up some new opportunities. Now people can sign up directly at my Twitter profile and since about 9000+ people pass by my profile every month I think it is a cool option.

I got a step closer to the publication of Capablanca’s ‘Chess Fundamentals’. A proof copy finally arrived yesterday! Next up is some error hunting and making everything shine before I publish it.
Say Chess
Got my proof copy today! Let the hunt for errors begin 💪🏻😄
As a new thing here on Revue, you can directly support my newsletter for 5$ a month. Right now it is for those who want to support my chess content, but with time I plan to introduce perks and special content for the supporters. If you want to become a supporter, just click here –>
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Later in the week, I will send out a video with the game report from my round 2 game in my current tournament. I can say so much that I won, so looking forward to sharing the game with you!
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Martin B. Justesen
Martin B. Justesen @saychess1

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