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By Martin B. Justesen

Newsletter about chess improvement and chess book publishing 📚 ***The Newsletter has moved to:

Newsletter about chess improvement and chess book publishing 📚 ***The Newsletter has moved to:

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Blindfold Opening Visualization paperback out!

Enjoy the weekend! /Martin


Plans for 2022 - Book review with Ben Johnson - The Say Chess Newsletter

The episode is out now, and you can find it on Spotify or other podcast platforms as well.


Blindfold Opening Visualization Out on Kindle - The Say Chess Newsletter

In regards to the paperback I'm still working on the last editing before I can order a proof copy. /Martin


A New Book Trailer 🎥 The Say Chess Newsletter

Remember that you can preorder the kindle version for 2.99$, the full price will be 4.99$: to give the video a like on youtube 😄 The paperback will be out in January./Martin


Blindfold Opening Visualization *PREORDER* - The Say Chess Newsletter

Hi,I hope you are doing well! It is about a year since I published my first chess book 'Blindfold Opening Visualization' on Amazon. It has been a fun year, where I also managed to make '100 Headachingly Hard Mate in Two Puzzles' and edit a new edition of Capa…


The Say Chess Newsletter - 49,816 moves of chess

Nearing the end of 2021..We are nearing the end of the year, and I thought I wanted to write about the progress I have made in 2021. I have used a free feature on called "year recap". It showed the following.So far this year I have played online …


Nepo's Super-Computer - Newsletter from Say Chess

But how did a chess player get access to a supercomputer at a Russian University? My eyes popped when I saw a quote in the above-mentioned article by FIDE President, Arkady Dvorkovich:“We in the Skolkovo ecosystem are very happy our computational resources ar…


Why not knowing your rating sucks! - Say Chess Newsletter

I was not! First I won a good amount of games. I even won against a friendly reader of the newsletter, who is rated 2400+ in rapid on Lichess (I did not know the rating at the time). However, then I started to think about who I was playing. Especially if it w…


The veil of ignorance on Lichess 👨‍🦯 Newsletter from Say Chess

You can of course check by enabling it in like 2 seconds, but it is a strange feeling not to play for the gratification of getting +6 rating points after a game. I have played 2 rapid games in the last 3 days. Normally I play more games, but it is thought-pro…


Calculation Practice with John Nunn - The Say Chess Newsletter

......Solution (Lichess study)Here is the moment I try to figure out one of the variations together with the viewers.


Trying to improve at chess while creating content 🤯 - The Say Chess Newsletter

His video made me think of the difficulties between being a chess content creator and also wanting to improve to the next level (watch the end if you are busy). Something I also have been puzzling with, although on a much lower level. Creating content is a ti…


How to make your own custom opening course based on win%! - Newsletter from Say Chess

Pick an opening (Sicilian, French, Caro-Kann, etc.)In this newsletter, I will use the example of a rep. for Black against anti-Sicilian openings. First, set the opening book in a Lichess Study to be based on Lichess-games and on the rating group you play agai…


Moments from my recent OTB games - Newsletter from Say Chess

The rest of the game was an uphill battle in order to get a playable position, which failed, and I had to resign after 37 moves. The main error was that I did not evaluate the position after 18...Rf7 19.g4 Nd7 correctly. The position would still be pretty bad…


Newsletter from Say Chess - Reflections Weekend Tournament

After a great start with 3/4 in my weekly club tournament, it was a mental blow to finish with 1,5/5 in the weekend tournament.I lost 9 rating points, so it is a small setback in my road towards 2000 FIDE, but I think the lessons I can gain from these 5 games…


Newsletter from Say Chess - Chess Fundamentals out on! 📗

Hi!I'm happy to announce that my anniversary edition of Capablanca's 'Chess Fundamental' now is online on the store!To help you find the correct version I have made a landing page including a free preview:www.capablancachessbooks.comThe price for t…


Newsletter from Say Chess - Information Overload

It’s clear that the chess world has changed and we are seeing an increasing number of chess apps, digital databases, videos and other resources available for the improving player. Many of the resources are really great, but I think that the chances of informa…


♔Round 2 - Holbæk Efterår 2021 (Game Report) - Newsletter from Say Chess

Rubinstein managed to keep his pieces on the board and create an attack on the King-side. My game did not go in the same direction since my opponent took on c5 with his Bishop in the opening, which you will see in the video. Even though I won my game, which I…


Newsletter from Say Chess - 'Chess Fundamentals' and a new newsletter platform!

I got a step closer to the publication of Capablanca's 'Chess Fundamentals'. A proof copy finally arrived yesterday! Next up is some error hunting and making everything shine before I publish it.


Round 1, Holbæk Efterår 2021 (Game Report)

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Fellow Substack writer Nate Solon got an interesting idea. That is to learn every Short & Sweet course on Chessable. I liked the idea and we quickly picked the course for the first week.