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Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.33

Hi friends! If you're reading this message, it means I am out in the country and haven't found intern
Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.33
By Anne Wu • Issue #33 • View online
Hi friends! If you’re reading this message, it means I am out in the country and haven’t found internet. It is currently Thursday arvo and I am all packed up, ready for a drive out into the mountains for some fresh air, quiet and stars to gaze at.

This Virgo Full Moon occurring at the very beginning of the season is an island in the sea of Pisces-style emotions. This sliver of earth is where you’ll set sail from. And right now you are packing up your ship. Make sure that you have everything sorted out on the material plane so that you can drift and dream in the immaterial sea for a few weeks. If you prepare your craft now, you’ll be able to sail safely through emotional waters in the weeks ahead.
This week marked the February Super Full Moon in Virgo. You can read more about it here. Reflect, release, refine and prepare your ship!
I have been reading tarot to gain more clarity on where I am. I have been learning how to read through intuition and finding resources to elaborate on the cards that I draw. The following questions is a Full Moon ritual from Biddy:

  1. What have I created and manifested since the new moon?
  2. Where am I now?
  3. What is coming into my conscious awareness?
  4. What is no longer serving me?
  5. How can I release and let go of these energies?
  6. What additional resources are available to me as I release and let go?
I find doing these readings insightful because it helps me reflect on what I have been focusing on, help release ideas that no longer resonate and bring light to things I can refine on.
Well done. Great job! Gold star. Round of applause. Keep on going friends.
Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.
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Anne Wu
By Anne Wu

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