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Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.31

Hi friends. A fun week of integrating into Anne focus time. A quick hop to the coast to soak up the s
Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.31
By Anne Wu • Issue #31 • View online
Hi friends. A fun week of integrating into Anne focus time. A quick hop to the coast to soak up the sun, waves and mountains. Then back to the city for some internal exploration. Weee.

A funny moment when I re-read my newsletter to myself on Saturday after I sent it out. I realised I was doing exactly what I was asking: “why do we expect our mind and body to instantly go from awake to sleep?” I had a lot of fun chuckling at myself about this. So, to loop this insight together. Instead of calling it a “shut down process” because we aren’t shutting ourselves down for the night, I am calling it a practice of easing to sleep. To me, it feels energetically lighter and more free flowing. If you have another way of phrasing this, I would love to hear too!
I am always looking for galactic music to transport me on adventures. This is a fun 3hour set from Liminal Roots.
By doing a diligent survey of body, mind and the foundation of your consciousness you will identify a weak link. In this survey you will identify the corruption at the foundation of your ways of thinking that are to be repaired and renewed. Your growth is dependent on reevaluating and changing the way you think. The formulas that have been your survival tools are no longer in harmony with the dynamic change in frequency in, around and through you
I have been focusing a lot on internal work. Unleashing unconscious emotions, old traumas and thoughts so I can address them. Moving through them and bravely releasing them into the open. It has not been easy but it is work that had to be done. So, a gentle reminder to look into what you are holding and release it if you feel it is time. Be brave. I will hold your hand if you need it. I am always just a phone call or an email away. 👋🏼
Be soft
Be soft
Last week I shared some questions you can ask yourself to create a sleeping practice. This week, I thought I would share my current practice that might inspire you to build on your own. I do not do all of them every night. It is more of a feeling/intuitive sensing of what I need that moment, each night. 
finish dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping time
take herbs/supplements
drink water
hot shower
conscious movement: feeling out tension, slow body stretching
give myself body massage with grounding essential oils
give myself face/neck lymphatic massage
lay on far-infrared heating pad
evening meditation
choose crystal to sleep with
decide loose plan on what to eat or cafe to go to for breakfast
clearing head of thoughts to partner, sorry Ross 🤪
close drapes to keep city lights out but keep a tiny amount open so morning sun can peek in
turn watch on do not disturb, theatre and airplane mode
turn phone on do not disturb mode 
Let me know how you are going with your practice of easing into sleep. I am curious to hear what your practice is like. 😴
Happy sunshine weekend! I’ll be doing all the housekeeping so I can clear my physical space for the week ahead. Preparation is key! I’ll keep reminding myself of this as I go about my cleaning. 😂
See you next week! 🙂
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