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Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.30

Hi friends! A chapter in my life finished and a new one begins. What a week it has been. I have been
Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.30
By Anne Wu • Issue #30 • View online
Hi friends! A chapter in my life finished and a new one begins. What a week it has been. I have been holding on, letting emotions swell and pour out of me. Feeling all the feels. Weee. So here we are. Saturday. Let’s go and do this.

Joep Beving. A gentle giant that plays the piano so beautifully that it pulls and pulls on my heart. Press play.
Use ritual and ceremony as part in your process to release yourself from old patterns that have plagued you and created obstacles on your path.
Previously I have talked about self-keeping, listening deeply within to create practices centred around taking care of ourselves. The health of my sleep has been a big focus. I have a shut down process, that begins around 2 hours before I am asleep, since going to bed and going to sleep are different things. In our westernised world, we tend to expect one size fits all, instant fixes. We want a quick solution for falling sleep, but if you pause and think about this: why do we expect our mind and body to instantly go from awake to sleep?

Below are a series of questions that could help you build your own shut down process. 

How many hours of sleep do I need, to feel my best for the day ahead?

Is my body relaxed? What can I do to relax? 

Am I well hydrated? 

What are some things I do to quieten my mind from the thoughts of the day?

What are some things I can do to bring me to a state where I can ease into restful sleep?

What is the temperature, airflow and air quality of my bedroom?

Does my bedroom have everything I need to support my sleep? What could be moved away?

Have I removed all forms of distractions from my bedroom?

Do I have everything I need/organised to ease into my morning instead of waking up and rushing into my day? 

After you have pondered these questions, you can begin implementing them into your shut down process. It doesn’t have to be everything at once, because that can be overwhelming. It took some time for my process to form and it is always being adjusted. There is no fixed routine, instead a fluid practice centred around the intention of restful sleep and easeful wake ups.
Look to all the hurts of the ego and the heart that have blocked your progress and with conscious awareness let all go through prayer, ritual and ceremony. Create your ritual and embody a life that is ceremonial, consciously serious and seriously outrageous.

The weekend beckons. A drive down the coast to Lorne to lay in the sunshine and listen to crashing waves. Happy weekend and happy sleeping. See you next week.
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Anne Wu
By Anne Wu

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