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Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.29

Greetings! It has been 44°c for the past few days. I am still alive! Many bottles of water were drunk
Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.29
By Anne Wu • Issue #29 • View online
Greetings! It has been 44°c for the past few days. I am still alive! Many bottles of water were drunk and all the icy poles were consumed. And here we are, Saturday! Sunshine and a comfy 25°c to greet us.

The wonderful thing about sleeping early, consistently around the same time is that your body wakes you up when you have had enough sleep and you get to watch the sun peek over the horizon. Truly breathtaking and magical. Good morning sun!
Listening to Occasus as I collect my thoughts together to tap tap my cosmic broadcast to you.
The title is apt in more ways than one: while the emotional tone of the album denotes bittersweet feelings of conclusiveness, it also perfectly soundtracks the quiet moments when we look up to the sky, and humbly relearn the smallness of our lives as cosmic objects churn slowly overhead with bewitching indifference. Occasus feels deeply personal, private, and hushed yet simultaneously grand, colossal, and profound.
The simplest things make me happy. This is one of my favourite bowls. A few ingredients thrown together. Yum yum.
  1. Brown rice and pearl barley
  2. Soft scrambled eggs
  3. Lime juice
  4. Shichimi (Japanese spice)
  5. Umeboshi Furikake
I started using InsightTimer this week. A simple but expansive meditation app built from a team in Sydney. When you open the app, it shows you how many people are meditating this moment.
A chime begins and ends your meditation. When you complete your session, it shows you who is meditating with you around the world. With a simple tap, you can send them a message: thanks for meditating with me.
This is the most powerful, planetary network right now. Download the app and find me: uwenna. Lets meditate together.
celestial meditation friend
celestial meditation friend
Crystals are my new friends. A few of them have come along my way and I have been having some profound meditations with them.
The entire universe is made of vibrations of energy. Everything has a frequency and each crystal has its own unique vibration. When you hold a crystal or are near one, your atoms will shift and dance with the atoms of the crystal.
These soft focus meditations have me feeling vibrantly grounded within myself and deeply connected with the global consciousness. If you are curious about crystals or my meditations, I am happy to share my experiences with you. Just tap reply ☺️
Coffee and sunshine beckons. See you next week!
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Anne Wu
By Anne Wu

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