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Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.27

Hi friends! What a week it has been. I always wondered what a sinus infection was. Now I know! 😪 I am
Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.27
By Anne Wu • Issue #27 • View online
Hi friends! What a week it has been. I always wondered what a sinus infection was. Now I know! 😪 I am slowly coming out the other side and it is quite a pleasure to be able to breathe from my nose. What an epiphany!

Happy leafy!
Happy leafy!
I celebrated new years and new moon a bit too intensely and my body said NOPE! Anne! What are you doing to your body???
I took as much sick leave as I could this week and burrowed myself under the covers. It is amazing how much sleep your body demands when you are sick. Glorious 12+ hours of drooly sleep. I highly recommend it.
If you are feeling sick or feeling mentally/emotionally unwell, use your sick leave! In the western world, we are programmed to think sick leave is for big emergencies like horrible contagious flus, surgeries, broken bones, etc. We could instead shift our ideas around it and use our sick leave for preventative care, like before you get horrible sinus infections. 😅 Be like the happy new green leafy! (his name is Alfonso, the bird of paradise btw)
For the past few months I have been fine tuning and learning how to listen more deeply to my body, something Ross and I call self-keeping. One of the main focuses has been the health of my sleep.
I have been using the Apple Watch (on flight mode at night) with the SleepWatch app for the past year. SleepWatch tracks your wrist movement like most fitness devices, then also through the Watch tracks your heart rate too. This combination is quite interesting, and gives a good collection of information about the quality of sleep to go with the usual consistency of times you sleep/wake. This week I have also begun trying the new Beddit 3.5 device from Apple, which is a more passive device that sits under your sheets. Beddit has been telling me more detail about how long I spend in bed (reading!) before I fall asleep, plus breathing rate and some other interesting things. All of these data points stream into the Apple Health app which I think will be the dominant health record in the future.
So, you might roll your eyes at me but there really is no magic to getting quality sleep. If you consistently go to bed around the same time, ideally when the sun goes down and naturally wake up with the sun, you will program your body to have optimal sleep. Surprise!
You can begin tuning your body for sleep by using the Bedtime reminder in the Clock app on iOS if you don’t have a watch or Beddit. It will ping you a reminder to head to bed and gently wake you up with music in the morning. (Btw, this is not medical advice, this is what has worked for me in the past few months) 🥰
I am in bed by 10pm most nights now, but my shut down period starts about 2 hours before. Creating a shut down process and wake up process is very important to the health of your sleep, another layer of my self-keeping. I will share more on this in the future.
If you have been focusing on the quality of your sleep too, I would love to hear what has worked and not worked for you.
Have a wonderful weekend and happy slumbering! See you next week.
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Anne Wu
By Anne Wu

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