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Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.22

Summer! Sunshine! 38° heat has fully blown into Melbourne. A very fun email this week from my friend
Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.22
By Anne Wu • Issue #22 • View online
Summer! Sunshine! 38° heat has fully blown into Melbourne.
A very fun email this week from my friend Adam, who has the sweetest and smartest little girl and also manages to jet set himself all over the planet for work. I’m in awe of how he pulls it all together.

Hello from Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia, Earth.
I think about space quite a bit, and anything related to ninjas or samurais also gets me distracted very quickly. So, when I saw a story that detailed how ancient Japanese sword-making techniques are being used to design tools to cut through asteroids I knew my work deadlines could wait.
The weather has been quite typical in Melbourne of late; sometimes an hour of sunshine or three, perhaps then some wind and cloud, followed by a rain shower when you are least expecting it and then a mild night that is great for sitting outside and drinking with friends. 
I’ve also been going out on lots of natural and urban adventures with my nearly 4-year-old daughter, Elsie (who may have nearly peed in her pants when she realised how many toys, I mean friends, were living in Anne & Ross’ home).
Here’s Elsie keeping our friends dry during one of the unexpected (imaginary indoor) rain showers.
I’m quietly in awe of Courtney Dauwalter, the 33-year-old from Minnesota who keeps upping the ante during races that are 100+, 200+ and (if her 2019 goal is met) 300+ miles long [that’s 161+, 322+ and 483+ in kilometres for those of us using the metric system]. 
Pokemon + Tamgotchi = cuteness overload [mental note: ask Anne to take a katana to my copy if the number of Japanese references are piling too high]
Keen to learn maths and/or physics? Here is a curated and relatively succinct book list with proposed reading sequences/clusters. 
Favourite wine of the week: Denton 2015 Nebbiolo [actually, the most shockingly awesome wine I have tried since opening a bottle of CorisonNapa Cabernet nearly a year ago]
A friend and colleague, Andrew, just today gifted me THE most awesome present anyone has given me for a loooooong time: a Lenovo Jedi Challenges AR Headset and Lightsaber kit. Finishing my unpacking from a recent home move may take a little longer than anticipated. 
And finally, a photo from a friend and team member of mine, Jeanie, who lives in Adelaide, South Australia. This week the stunning purple flowers of both the Jacaranda trees and agapanthus are blooming. 
Many blessings on your journey.
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Anne Wu
By Anne Wu

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