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Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.21

Good morning December sunshine. The weekend is here. Thank you to every being for all the positive en
Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.21
By Anne Wu • Issue #21 • View online
Good morning December sunshine. The weekend is here.
Thank you to every being for all the positive energies sent to me in response to my last email.
I smiled so much, feeling deeply all the love and warmth shared.

The Tin Lantern
The Tin Lantern
43°00'18.5"S 147°55'44.9"E
This week I adventured to the southern most point I have ever been, unlocking a new part of the planet.
We went on a quick trip to visit our friend Nick and his partner Sarah. The Tin Lantern overlooks Pirates Bay. You can stay at Nick’s beautiful home if you find yourself at the edge of the world. It is a magical, moody part of the world. There is abundant nature and silence.
Fully feeling this album from Ayla Nereo. Especially the song Turning Wake.
we are born of dust and silence 
we are made of ancient songs 
there are ones who’ll keep us sleeping 
there are ones who bring the dawn 
From Shock to Awe TRAILER
From Shock to Awe TRAILER
We received a pre-screening to From Shock to Awe recently and watched this powerful documentary last week. More US veterans die at home after returning from war zones than in the war zones themselves. This documentary follows the psychological impact of PTSD, and the remarkable transformations that can be possible with therapeutic psychedelic programs. There is some great research happening in the US (and soon Australia) to integrate these new medicines. I will be at the Melbourne screening early next year, let me know if you would like to join too.
Infinite doorways
of light and dark.
You choose.
Campbell, one of the best natural wine distributors in Australia will be sharing his wines at Market Lane Coffee (the best coffee in Melb) for a few Friday evenings this silly season. He is one of the many cheerful, friendly faces in this industry that I admire. You’ll likely find me there on those nights. Say hello!
Virgo waning moon
I have been learning more about moon cycles and how we can connect deeper on a planetary level. We are currently in a Virgo waning moon. Waning moons are about releasing, cleansing and letting go of the last month to make space for the New Moon (December 7th), a time to create new to do lists, projects and set new intentions.
Like the Moon, which wanes back to new, surrendering the light of the Sun in the process, we have to learn how to yield to our rebirth, again and again, month after month. And often our resurrection depends upon our ability to let go of something we cling to, to make room for something we want. Jennifer Racioppi @ The Numinous
30º ☀️ incoming today. I am ready to bask in the warm embrace. Coffee first.
See you next week!
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Anne Wu
By Anne Wu

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