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Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.18

Hi friends! I am coming out of a really intense few weeks. DEEP BREATHS. Everything will always fall
Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.18
By Anne Wu • Issue #18 • View online
Hi friends! I am coming out of a really intense few weeks. DEEP BREATHS.
Everything will always fall into place.
And here we are, toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

The weekend sounds like this:
Sunset Grooves Podcast #139 - Mustafa Ismaeel by Sunset Grooves | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Our friends Tim and CC let me tuck into their tub and it was just what I needed to wrap up the week. Baths are my happy place. Everything feels fine after a soak. Thank you 🤗 Also, their doggo Kahlo is the cutest doggo of all and she is truly the best.
Livestream of a train choo chooing along the wintry Norwegian landscape. I could watch this for hours.
Brilliant. What are in your snack holes? I’ve been super into these natural gummies that I brought back from NYC. Tucking them into my mouth at an embarrassingly fast rate.
100% expresses how I generally feel. The introvert in me wants to tuck away, read and create things.
Golubka Kitchen’s Self Care Interview series are always fun to read. They interview women across industries and it’s a fun way to peek into their lives.
Thinking about this one a lot lately.
I’ve probably shared Beeple before. I am continuously inspired by his work.
If you went to the moon, how would you feel? When you look at the moon, what do you wish for? We invite you to share poems inspired by the moon with #dearMoonpoem. We will select works to repost here. #dearMoon
6:37 PM - 8 Nov 2018
I hope you had a good week and you are taking care of yourself. Always remember to take care of yourself first, nothing else matters. As the airlines say: put your mask on first, before helping others. Also remember to put it over your nose. That part is really important too.
Onwards into the sunshine! See you next week.
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By Anne Wu

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