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Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.28

And here we are! Saturday. I have scheduled in a lot of sunshine, housekeeping and selfkeeping this w
Saturday Somewhere - Issue No.28
By Anne Wu • Issue #28 • View online
And here we are! Saturday. I have scheduled in a lot of sunshine, housekeeping and selfkeeping this weekend. But first! Coffee.

Here are some tunes, words and imagery for this transitory week as we deep dive into the upcoming Super Moon Full Moon Total Lunar Ecplise. This first full moon of the year is Monday 4:16 PM Melbourne time. You can stay up to date with the moon and astronomical events by subscribing to this public calendar.
Domenico Calia
Absolutely beautiful video created using still images taken by the Cassini spacecraft during its flyby of Jupiter and while at Saturn. Shown is Io and Europa over Jupiter's Great Red Spot and then Titan as it passes over Saturn and it's edge-on rings. NASA/JPL/Kevin M. Gill
10:34 PM - 1 Jan 2019
The beat wakes up the heart, which thumps reluctantly at first. Nature’s spirits and invisible forces begin to dance around you. Suddenly, irresistible warmth invades you from all directions and goes straight to the heart. You feel eruption in your chest, it vibrates with every heartbeat and soon the heat reaches your brain. You’re on fire, abound in happiness. Your every move emits a ray of light. Everybody around you shines smiles, and a torrent of hugs and kisses tugs you slowly away, into the abyss of absolute happiness.
Steve McDonald
It’s been a long road to Australia’s first psilocybin trial but here we are! Congratulations to everyone who’s played a part in getting this over the line
10:27 PM - 15 Jan 2019
As I mention often in practice, lightness of mind comes from our ability to remain open. So that when our thoughts and emotions rise, we can let them rise and then without resistance we can let them go. Be the observer. The vast space which thoughts emerge and then disappear. 
Here’s to a restful, expansive week ahead.
See you next Saturday.
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Anne Wu
By Anne Wu

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