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Every Sunday I share book recommendations, one try-out, and other high quality stuff from across the web, directly to your inbox. Just 2 minutes every sunday, that's all I ask.

Every Sunday I share book recommendations, one try-out, and other high quality stuff from across the web, directly to your inbox.
Just 2 minutes every sunday, that's all I ask.

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Goodbye. (for few years?)

I'm not really enjoying writing these newsletters. The format too seems boring. Writing about what I'm reading, adding some quotes, etc. seems boring. I'd write reviews on Goodreads, collect quotes in Notion, try things by myself and write about them in my jo…


Being late, Reading nothing and Streaks- Issue #19

Nothing. “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”. While thinking about what should I write here I got a flashback of the previous newsletter's quote.


Shubh Diwali, Jordan Peterson and cleaning your room - Issue #18

ŚrīRāmacaritamānasa - I started reading this more than six months ago, reading a few pages everyday and because Diwali is coming this week so I decided to mention it here. I first read it in class 7th but I left it without even completing half of it. I am no …


Study with me, Indian cinema and Oscars - Issue #17

A New Idea of India: Individual Rights in a Civilisational State by Harsh Madhusudan & Rajeev Mantri - It is a sort of anti-thesis to the Nehruvian idea of India. It lays emphasis on the 'a new idea' rather than 'the idea'. Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates…


No touching, teleportation and windows media player- Issue #16

I've a lot of unread books but somehow I managed to stay away from all of them 😎"No Touching No TouchingOnly Seeing Only Seeing" plays in the background.


Being late, new words and a Pharmaceutical joke - Issue #15

Notes from the underground - I've the book "Crime and Punishment" but it's quite lengthy, so, I thought of reading Notes from the underground as a sort of introduction to Dostoyevsky. I read few pages but it didn't hold my attention. Whom shall I blame? My at…


Ha ha hu hu, Handwash and Doughnut - Issue #14

This week was a bit eh, as the time which I assigned for reading was spent sitting on a bench in a temple, waiting for kids to get off the swing, so that I can have some good time, but unfortunately the number of kids in India are too much. So, me and my frie…


Demographic dividend, Sunlight and Time - Issue #13

Just some poems by Rabindranath Tagore (Gitanjali) and Charles Bukowski. Weird combination? IKR.


My upcoming book, Rant, and Gandhi - Issue #12

I finished Plassey to Partition. Go for it if you want to read a comprehensive but dry book on Indian modern history. Else, you can wait until I write an engaging and thrilling page-turner on Indian modern history.


Wool, STD and Alarm - Issue #11

Truck de India!: A Hitchhiker's guide to Hindustan 🚚- It's a travelogue about an unplanned trip with truck drivers, filled with History, Indian economy, folk tales, drugs and obviously STDs (because were talking about truck drivers). Refreshing, humorous and …


Giveaway, newsletter, and flaws - Issue #10

I am reading the books which I've mentioned in my previous issues. Apart from that, I read Sociology. Marxists and Feminists write some good and some absolute garbage theories. No surprises here. GIVEAWAY - N0, I'm not giving away any books. But here's a link…


Satendra Snippets - Issue #9

AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order - China had a 'Sputnik moment' when one of their professional player of Go lost to an American AI in 2017. In next three years China made unprecedented growth in the field of AI. It'll be interest…


Slavery, money, modernity - Issue #8

India that is Bharat - I've read just 4 chapters as of now. This book is my introduction to decolonial literature and I'll surely delve more into this field. I learned that the Europeans thought Black people are soul-less and hence they should be enslaved. Re…


Swatantrata Diwas, Boondi and Andha Yug, - Issue #7

Andha Yug - Dark depiction of events of Mahabharata from the 17th day of Kurukshetra war t0 the death of Lord Krishna. To read my small review - click here.Invaders and Infidels - Completed this yesterday. It deals with the events of Islamic conquests in Indi…


Self-help, he's literally me and ribbonfarm - Issue #6

12 rules for life : I need help, hence this self-help book. I've read just few pages, I don't know whether I'll like this book or not as he makes a lot of references to Christian and western literature. Still will try to get the most out of this by implementi…


Cringe, future-self and writing - Issue #5

Is Science Western in Origin? - Finished this yesterday. It tells about how a lot of knowledge from Indian and Arabic sources was stolen by Christians, then imaginary figures were created to make the information seem theologically correct. Short but dense boo…


Sisyphus, mid-day regrets and craft - Issue #4

Myth of Sisyphus - I've read "The Stranger" a long time ago and thought I'd read other works of Camus , but unfortunately I left this book in between. Now, I picked it back, after months. I hope this will make Sisyphus happy. From Plassey to Partition and aft…


Kindle, Balti List and Genghis Khan - Issue #3

The Psychology of Money - I haven't read any books about finance, investments, money, etc. but this is my first one. I've read two chapters and they're quite good. I feel sad for Kent Evans. If you're interested in money, which you should be, then check out t…


Colonialism, TIL and walking - Issue #2

Show your work! (Austin Kleon) If you want to learn something, start sharing it. This book gives some helpful tips like self promotion, sharing what you create, don't be a human spam and listen to others, etc. It can give you some that "extra-little-push" whi…


First newsletter ever 😮 - Issue #1

Hello friends,This is my first newsletter ever. I'll always try to keep them short (just book recommendations, one try-out and other good stuff). So, that I never take more than 2 minutes of your precious time :).If you like this one even a bit, do subscribe.…