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Slavery, money, modernity - Issue #8

Satendra Snippets
Slavery, money, modernity - Issue #8
By Satendra • Issue #8 • View online
Oh hi, this is the 8th issue of my newsletter (quite happy) but last newsletter was opened by just 8 subscribers (quite sad). Exactly balanced as all things should be.
Happy Raksha Bandhan. I hope you all had a great Raksha Bandhan. May the Gods be with you.

What am I reading? 📚
India that is Bharat - I’ve read just 4 chapters as of now. This book is my introduction to decolonial literature and I’ll surely delve more into this field.
I learned that the Europeans thought Black people are soul-less and hence they should be enslaved. Recommended if you’re open to ideas. I’ll post a link to my review in 10th issue.
Apart from this I re-read Pax Indica, wrote its summary, and earned some money.
Try this out 👨‍🔬
Set an earning goal - Few weeks ago I had set a goal for myself to earn 5k before this year ends. I had no source of earning, just a goal. Fortunately, I’ve already reached the 2k mark. Haha. 5k still seems tough though.
You too can set a goal for yourself. The amount totally depends on you. The good thing is at least you will try to grab some opportunities. Even if you fail to achieve the goal you will achieve at least something. And that’s not a failure, imo.
Favorites of the week 🖤
Quote -
Every action alters the soul of the doer. - Oswald Spengler
Tweet - Reject Individualism, return to Collectivism.
☀️Pratap Luke☀️
Every vacation you go to your hometown and while randomly strolling in your village/neighbouring villages every 3rd person, regardless of caste, invites you to their home. You don't know them but everyone knows you. Speaks a lot about the legacy your forefathers left you with.
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Thank you for reading ❤️
Feedback is always appreciated. Until next time.
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