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Sisyphus, mid-day regrets and craft - Issue #4

Satendra Snippets
Sisyphus, mid-day regrets and craft - Issue #4
By Satendra • Issue #4 • View online
Good evening to everyone who made a Balti list and started working on their goals. Rest of you have a miserable day.

What am I reading? 📚
Myth of Sisyphus - I’ve read “The Stranger” a long time ago and thought I’d read other works of Camus , but unfortunately I left this book in between. Now, I picked it back, after months. I hope this will make Sisyphus happy.
From Plassey to Partition and after - Pretty informative but dry. I managed to read just over 50 pages in 4-5 days, but side-by-side I’m reading some other books too on modern history which offer different perspectives.
Y'all can try this too. Choose a topic and pick up 3-4 different books and let the Round-table conference happen inside your brain.
Try this out 👨‍🔬
Regretful Afternoon - Making a TDL, then looking at it during night realizing that you’ve failed to accomplish all your goals makes us feel miserable. Or while journaling at night we regret that we wasted our time.
So, prepone your regret. Start journaling or reflecting on your TDL in the afternoon. Have a regretful afternoon and a mid-day existential crisis. This might help you boost up your performance during the second half of your day.
0 % MONEY BACK guarantee!
If you don’t journal or make TDL, then no need to bother.
Favorites of the week 🖤
Article - Euclid must fall
I didn’t understand more than half of the things said in this blog. But I checked out other works by him and got to know that even Mathematics and Science which are taught to us are not religiously neutral. Seems interesting. Will read more to understand things better.
Quote -
“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” - Ernest Hemingway
Tweet -
Vinamre Kasanaa 28/30
I'm writing 30 essays for 30 days as a part of #Ship30for30

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