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Self-help, he's literally me and ribbonfarm - Issue #6

Satendra Snippets
Self-help, he's literally me and ribbonfarm - Issue #6
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Oh, Hi. This week was bit ehh as my phone got stuck on bootloop and then I had to reset it and I lost all my data.
The post-reset clarity made me realize about the ephemeral, temporary, (& add other cool adjectives) nature of things and life itself.

What am I reading? 📚
12 rules for life : I need help, hence this self-help book. I’ve read just few pages, I don’t know whether I’ll like this book or not as he makes a lot of references to Christian and western literature. Still will try to get the most out of this by implementing helpful things.
Try this out 👨‍🔬
Honest reviews.
Pick up a book/movie. But here are the terms and conditions. Don’t pick it up if it was suggested to you by someone else, don’t see reviews, IMDB rating or anything related to the movie. After finishing the movie/book put down all your thoughts on a piece of paper. How you felt, why the movie was a masterpiece or a piece of garbage, etc.
Most of the times what happens is we watch any movie because it was suggested by some art connoisseur suggested it, the reviews were mind-boggling or it had high IMDB rating.
The views which you hold after watching the movie aren’t really your own. (Joaquin phoenix nailed it, Tyler Durden is literally me, Masaan is underrated). But still you feel part of an “intellectual minority with a different great taste in art.
So, try seeing whether the thing really piqued you or not. Generally too avoid confirmation bias, subjective validation and preconceived notions.
Favorites of the week 🖤
Blog : Ribbonfarm
No thoughts, head empty.
Quote :
Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.  William Penn
Tweet : I attached this picture in last week’s newsletter but unfortunately it was removed. Also, I failed to write for 7 days. Will surely post 10 writeups after my exams which means next months.
Satendra Thakur on Twitter: "7 days, 7 writeups. Day 1 Idk why but this picture was removed from my newsletter 🤧👍… "
Sorry for grammatical mistakes (if any) because wrote this in a hurry. Also, I have no respect for this language.
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Thank you for reading ❤️
Feedback is always appreciated. Until next time.
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