Goodbye. (for few years?)





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Satendra Snippets
Goodbye. (for few years?)
By Satendra • Issue #20 • View online
Hi everyone. 
I missed the newsletter last week and will continue to miss it for years maybe. A big thanks to everyone who read the newsletter, especially to those who gave their feedback, whether good or bad.
Before I proceed further, I need to tell you this isn’t another 2 minutes newsletter, rather it a ‘(news)letter to myself’ kind of thing, which I’m posting publicly so that either I feel humiliated or proud of myself in future. You can close the mail here if you don’t want to bother yourself ……

Reason for ending this?
I’m not really enjoying writing these newsletters. The format too seems boring. Writing about what I’m reading, adding some quotes, etc. seems boring.
I’d write reviews on Goodreads, collect quotes in Notion, try things by myself and write about them in my journal, instead of sending a weekly newsletter. I know I can write something much better than this, and I’ll do it when the time comes.
I feel when you’ve achieved something it gives you credibility and confidence to share even the esoteric things which otherwise will feel lame. So, I’ll resume this newsletter thing when my status changes from “20 year old unemployed guy with no achievements” to something better. Pray for me so that this happens soon. If I don’t resume this newsletter it means I screwed up everything.
What I'll read?
  • Pick many books, quit them if they’re ‘too’ boring.
  • Re-read good books.
  • Read more history, philosophy, good literature (especially the ones related to India), not too much psychology/economics, some historical fiction, biographies and anything which seems interesting.
  • Try to read everyday and finish 3 books every month.
  • Try to review the book after finishing it.
Some other notes for myself.
  • Wakeup early, Meditate, take cold showers.
  • Gain few kg weight asap.
  • Get sunlight daily.
  • Read, walk, journal.
  • Take responsibility for my actions.
  • No Sunday funday.
  • Stop giving unsolicited advice.
  • Never take 2 consecutive days off.
  • Paisa kamana hai yaar.
  • Visit all states(esp. the temples) and some videshi countries too, build a library, buy art, write (a) travelogue, learn an instrument, et al.
  • Disappear.
A quote by Kurt Vonnegut for no reason at all - “I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.‘ “
Thank you for reading, Goodbye.
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