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Sara Vecchi Art - Issue #3

Sara Vecchi Art - Issue #3
By Sara Vecchi • Issue #3 • View online
How is it that summer happened and is done? I know it’s cliché and overdone, but summer went so fast! As much as I’m flabbergasted that fall is upon us, I can’t say I’m too sad about it because we are into my time of year! Everything from the arrival of cooler weather all the way through ringing in the new year is my jam. Anyways, let’s get into what I was up to these past three months!

I started the month attending a vendor fair with my mom, helping her man a booth for her business, Posh Suds. I had some of my business cards with me along with some samples of my work, and I gave out quite a few cards to people. I also sold a handful of the pins I made when I went to the SCBWI conference in LA back in 2018.
#TeamCake or #TeamPie? The eternal debate of #kidlitart chat.
#TeamCake or #TeamPie? The eternal debate of #kidlitart chat.
By the time I came home from the show, my food ghost pins from my Kickstarter had arrived at my house! I spent a week attaching pins to my backing cards and getting things packed for shipping. I had everything shipped out in the next week and a half or so. It felt really great to hear from people as they arrived! I was really pleased with how they turned out. They’re still available for sale, too! You can order through me directly, or through my Etsy site, which I also set up this month.
From start to finish, running this Kickstarter was a big job. I actually just released the first in a series of posts about how to prepare for a Kickstarter campaign and what my experience was like. The posts are available free to the public on my Patreon page. There will be 4 posts total, posted over the next month. Stay tuned!
August was a busy month! It started with the summer SCBWI conference (held online), which was a lot of fun and a great source of information. I took two days off of work to attend and spent almost the whole conference logged into Discord, chatting with my #kidlitart friends from all over about the sessions as we watched together. It is still not the same as being in person, but it really helped make the whole experience much more enjoyable.
A mouse self portrait inspired by Matthew Cordell
A mouse self portrait inspired by Matthew Cordell
They helped me refine by graphic novel pitch before I presented it in front of Alex Slater, an agent with Trident Media Group. He seemed to like my story, but advised me that I needed to find a way to make my protagonist more relatable immediately in the pitch so people could empathize with her. He also told me I needed comp titles, which I knew but am still struggling to identify.
A week after the conference, my family road tripped to Gatlinburg for vacation. We arrived back just a few short days before school started. I spent time between and after all of these things working on a two-page graphic novel spread for another conference I have in September. The assignment was to make a comic about a childhood memory that says something about who you are.
My comic as submitted.
My comic as submitted.
I chose an unspecified Christmas Eve memory. My siblings and I had our own rooms, but all slept in my big sister’s room on Christmas Eve. We weren’t allowed to wake our parents up until a certain time, so we would talk or play games when we inevitably woke up hours before we could open presents. For many years, we made a habit of sneaking down the stairs to look at the presents before our parents were awake. Those memories seem magical to me. Christmas is still my favorite time of year, and I remain an excitable lover of holiday traditions.
Other than this project, I picked up another new client for my graphic design work. They have really kept me hopping! I’m grateful for the work, as it is helping to fund my other exciting news from August: I am officially signed up for a table at Gem City Comic Con 2022!
I have to give a shout out to the wonderful folks of The Soft Shirt Place, because they talked with my husband and I about comic cons for a full hour when we stopped there on our vacation. Their shirt designs are super fun, so we were picking some up and got to talking. They mentioned Gem City as a great convention to start with, as it was one of their first shows. It happens to be relatively close to us, so I was excited to see they had opened for vendor submissions just a few weeks prior. It’s not until next July, so I should have plenty of time to prepare, at least.
I got my portfolio and graphic novel entry submitted for the conference at the beginning of the month. I even managed to finish an additional piece to add before the deadline!
Margo and Michael, my characters for a short comic.
Margo and Michael, my characters for a short comic.
Michael and Margo were my characters for the story I submitted to the kid’s comic anthology earlier this year. My story didn’t end up being picked, but I am planning to create my own little comic from it that I will sell at the Gem City Comic Con next year. I plan to also run it as a Kickstarter to help offset printing costs and share the story more widely than a regional conference would allow.
My graphic novel conference went well! We heard presentations from Raina Telgemeier, Lisa Brown, and Mai Nguyen, as well as the founder of Graphix, David Saylor. Agents Britt Siess (who I plan to query someday) and Andrea Morrison joined David for a panel as well. The conference ended with optional portfolio reviews, and I got to spend 15 minutes with Raina Telgemeier discussing my portfolio. She gave some helpful suggestions, and also some complimentary feed back! Overall, a very inspiring weekend.
I spent part of September working on the Patreon posts about Kickstarter I mentioned earlier, as well as finishing up a couple more spreads from my Nest Friends dummy. I also spent a little time on halloween/fall themed pieces to add to my Etsy. ‘Tis the season, and all that!
This was the first piece I finished! It’s a remake of a design I made several years ago, made larger so my 5x7in prints won’t be blurry. I also ordered a small handful of prints of this cute little guy:
As always, thanks for reading! Enjoy this wonderful season of changing weather and leaves.
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