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Sara Vecchi Art - Issue #2

Sara Vecchi Art - Issue #2
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April brought several projects around. First was my decision to launch a Kickstarter campaign for some enamel pins! If you follow me literally anywhere else, I’m sure you saw a post about these little food ghostie guys. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at enamel pins for awhile now and these seemed to be a perfect match of my love for food and cute spooks. The campaign started off strong, funding over halfway by 5pm the day after it launched, but it was a slow climb since then. I did get my first experience with using Facebook ads, though, so I did learn some things from that as well.
Food Ghosts: Savory Set
Food Ghosts: Savory Set
The next project that came around was much smaller. I had put a lot of time into organizing the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign and hadn’t done much creative drawing for the first part of the month, so I decided to work on a design for the Character Design Challenge of the month: Fashion Show Extravaganza! We were listening to Critical Role while I was sketching, so I ended up with a firbolg supermodel with a sheep’s wool cloak. Weird? Yes. But fun!
May proved to be a productive month. I got inspired to buckle down on administrative work for my illustration goals and really make things happen. I had begun listening to Comic Lab, a podcast hosted by Brad Guigar and Dave Kellett, two long-time comic artists. (Dave’s comics Sheldon and Drive have been some of my favorite webcomics!) Anyways, a lot of their advice on comic making carries over for graphic novels, which is really what I want to do! Between their inspiration and the advice of my kidlit friends, I set about planning out deadlines and schedules for myself to help get me where I want to be.
A kid’s comic anthology called Adventures Everywhere was asking for submissions with a due date of May 15th. I began thinking of an idea back in April before dropping it entirely and pursuing one that seemed like a better fit. The anthology has an 8 page limit per story, which proved challenging for me. I had never written a story that short before! I submitted my pitch along with links to my portfolio and a couple concept sketches for the story. They ended up receiving around 200 pitches, and mine ended up not being selected. I am not too put out about it, though, since I plan to go ahead with making it anyways.
I set up a Patreon for myself! It provides behind-the-scenes info and early access to my latest goings on, as well as a tier for receiving a monthly sticker in your mailbox from me. I’m hoping to build this over time as a way to help fund more of my art by helping pay for supplies, classes, membership fees, and program subscriptions.
My Kickstarter fully funded, and I even reached one of my stretch goals! It has been such a thrilling, nail-biting, exhilarating ride, and I’m glad to have gotten as much response as I did. Sweet, sweet artistic validation. Ha! I built Backerkit surveys, tweaked the art, and got the ball rolling on placing my order.
Approved pin proof sheet!
Approved pin proof sheet!
With most of the hard part of the Kickstarter gone by, I filled the downtime with work on my graphic novel. I signed up for the summer conference with SCBWI and decided to sign up for a 7 min round table pitch session with Alex Slater, an agent with Trident Media Group. I’m hoping for some good feedback, at least. I’ve been working on my characters, and even made myself a Spotify playlist for music to put me in the right kind of mood. It seems to be working so far. I made a list of possible titles but haven’t decided on one yet.
My main character, Daryl, and her best friend, Ben
My main character, Daryl, and her best friend, Ben
I’m going to be sitting at a vendor fair this weekend, splitting a booth with my mom and her soap business, Posh Suds. I ordered a couple print designs to offer for sale and made myself some new business cards with my info on them to give people who may be interested in commissions and such. It should be a good time! Hopefully the weather ends up nice. It’s been hot here in Ohio, but it’s been good to soak up some summertime fun with my boys. Swimming pools, firefly catching (and releasing), movie nights, and ice cream. Good times!
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