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Comfort Food - Issue #12

Sarah Lacy
Sarah Lacy
The day it all went up in flames.

Eli's meh brunch face sums up my week of food.
Eli's meh brunch face sums up my week of food.
I forgot to send this newsletter since the first week I started it this past weekend.
A weird confluence of a few events?
Maybe I’m settling into my groove in my Nor Cal <> So Cal in-between state.
Maybe I’m too stressed with work and other stuff to think about food.
Maybe I’ve solved my food dilemmas enough that food isn’t preoccupying me quite as much. (We’ve all come a long way since the rancid turkey incident!)
Maybe I’m in a food rut?
What did I eat last week? Tuna melt from Sherman’s. Mr Lyon’s. Farm Brunch. Lasagna from Gelson’s. All fine, but not new. Not wow.
I haven’t been cooking much because our kitchen is – AGAIN– leaking and we are limited in our ability to use the sink.
Are my tastebuds dulled? Nothing has been incredible. I’m writing from San Francisco again and I ordered a shrimp po'boy from Brenda’s Soul Food. It was fine. Just fine.
Speaking of “fine” the Ace has done away with their incredible breakfast potatoes replacing them with sad hashbrowns. There goes the best breakfast in town. Eli’s face above says it all.
There’s no denying it. If I don’t have a single GREAT meal to tell you about, it’s bad.
There was one dramatic thing that happened that was food related though.
At Eli’s birthday party on Saturday our grill went up in flames. Literally. Thank God we were in the pool and saw it. Thank God Paul was quick with the fire extinguisher and is the type of person who always makes sure there is a freshly stocked fire extinguisher nearby. There are a ton of trees overhanging the grill. That could have been a disaster.
$60 of brisket gone, but fortunately, Eli had insisted on pizza for the kids, so the adults just ordered some Thai food. (Which was again, fine. Nothing more than fine. :( )
We need a new grill.
I ordered the incredible looking Spark Grill to our San Francisco house. Have you heard of it? It looks beautiful and boasts the best of being a gas grill and a charcoal grill. It has not arrived and has been further back ordered. (Do not buy this grill if you actually want it within, say, four months.)
I thought about re-routing it to Palm Springs, but we may only get it by next summer, when we’ll be back in San Francisco for a few months and might as well have it here.
Anyone passionate about their grill? Email and let me know.
Also let me know the best thing YOU have eaten. Something beyond fine. I need inspiration. Maybe I’ll share what you share with the group.
Now, I am going to get back to work. I’m in San Francisco alone, no kids, no Paul, no cats, no puppy, and I’ve vowed not to sleep until I complete a massive backlog of work. I got a meatloaf dinner from Gus’s and a nice bottle of wine to help me through. I may take a break and go for a pre-twilight run in my favorite city on earth first…
Sorry I was late. Next week, I will try to be more interesting. Or at least on time.
Just before the fire. . .
Just before the fire. . .
Evie had a rough week so I took her and friends out for Lappert's. Ice cream helps!
Evie had a rough week so I took her and friends out for Lappert's. Ice cream helps!
Sadly fine.
Sadly fine.
Good but not WOW
Good but not WOW
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Sarah Lacy
Sarah Lacy @sarahcuda

I'm the founder of Pando and Chairman Mom. I live half time between San Francisco and Palm Springs, ferretting out the best food between the two. Food is my love language.

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