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WildWord - "Wouldn't you rather be a rockstar?"

Sara Creasy
Sara Creasy
Greetings from lockdown!
You’d think a state-wide lockdown would give me more time to write, but now I have a husband and child at home to interrupt me. Fortunately, they are low maintenance! Stay safe, everyone.
This issue’s book quote in the subject line is brought to you by Wynter, who got it into her head very early on that she and her siblings were destined to make music together. As the series draws to a close, things didn’t work out exactly as she expected.
Stand by for the epilogue
Subscribers will get an advance copy of an additional epilogue to the Wynter Wild series once the final chapter is published. If you’re not up to date on reading the books, you might want to save the epilogue for later because it includes huge spoilers from book 10. In a roundabout way, it has something to do with this baby:
"Houdini" aka Blondie
"Houdini" aka Blondie
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Coming up: Q&A
The Beat Goes On (Wynter Wild Book 10) was the most “first drafty” book I’ve uploaded to Wattpad… and it spun a little out of control as I guess I’m struggling to let go of my characters. Once it’s on Amazon, grab it quick if you want to have a matching set of all ten books, because soon I’ll be relaunching the series with new covers on Kindle Unlimited. Remember, that means they’ll disappear off Wattpad (other than teasers).
I’m collecting questions for a Q&A. If you want to know (almost?) anything about my books, my forthcoming writing, me, my cats, or my favorite color (fyi I don’t have one), send your questions using one of these methods:
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  • scroll down on my website to the contact form
  • contact me on Wattpad via private message or a comment.
Wild things to read
Why My Books are Not YA
My Spreadsheets
Writing American Characters as a British Aussie
Wynter Wild Wiki
Dipping into the wiki for some random pages (spoilers):
  • Quinn - aka Quincy from Quincy, Wynter’s best friend.
  • The Clockwork Toys - taking you back to where Wynter’s music career began.
  • Joy Fairn - I decided at the last minute to include a POV chapter for Joy, the only one in the entire series.
Joy Fairn
Joy Fairn
From the kitchen
From tacos to blueberries, Caleb is renowned for his pancake varieties (yes, tacos - remember his pancake tacos?)… and not much else when it comes to cuisine. But he has created this delectable dessert from merely three ingredients, the last of which is optional. I’m posting it because it reminds me of the first time I ever had an ice cream cookie. I had to wait until I was in my 20s for the pleasure, as I’d never heard of them until a visit to Disneyland. Mine was huge and shaped like Mickey Mouse. This delicate flowery morsel comes courtesy of Ikea ginger thins.
2 ginger thins, ice cream, squirty cream
2 ginger thins, ice cream, squirty cream
Until next time… happy reading!
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Sara Creasy
Sara Creasy @saracreasy

I write 💯 guaranteed non-autobiographical escapist fiction about broken families, rock music🎸, pancakes, and igloos.
Author of the Wynter Wild series.

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