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WildWord - "I was born smart enough to know I couldn't fly"

Sara Creasy
Sara Creasy
Welcome to WildWord!
How’s everyone doing? Here in Australia we toughed out 2020 and things are (almost) back to normal. My thoughts are with those in other parts of the world who aren’t doing so well - both the countries as a whole, and the individuals whose lives are affected by the pandemic and lockdowns.
You’re looking at my all-new newsletter. I changed the name and found myself a logo (apparently a Modern Writer needs one). It shows both a pen and a “family tree”, and also looks sort of like a quirky little house, so I hope that gets the message across.
If it makes you think of raspberries, that was my subconscious working overtime (my second-favorite berry).
Sugar-free dessert tip from Wynter: frozen (defrosted) raspberries & Greek yogurt for a tart treat.
Sugar-free dessert tip from Wynter: frozen (defrosted) raspberries & Greek yogurt for a tart treat.
New website and blog
My website has had a face lift (I’m still playing around with the theme and layout), and my blog has moved from Blogger to Wordpress, so everything’s in one place.
By the way, the quote in the subject line is from Jesse, to explain why he didn’t jump from rooftops as a child. Off the top of my head I’m not sure what book it comes from. I’ll find a different quote for each issue, so that’s what you’ll see in your inbox when WildWord arrives.
What's going on and what's next?
In a few weeks I’ll be signing off on the final word of the final chapter of the final book in the Wynter Wild series. I can’t believe it!
In order to relaunch the books for the women’s fiction market, I’ll remove them from Wattpad. Wattpad is where I first found many of you, my amazing readers, and I’ve had well over half a million chapter reads since December 2018. However, publishing on Kindle Unlimited means I can’t publish elsewhere, so the books (and paperbacks) will be exclusively at Amazon.
And they’ll get new cover art - stand by for the reveal. Ten reveals!
New stories soon
To keep the momentum going, there are novellas and stories in the works about Wynter’s family and various side characters, each of whom is the star of their own life. Some of these stories won’t require any knowledge of my previous books, as I hope to attract new readers. Newsletter subscribers will get sneak peeks as well as exclusive content along these lines…
  • How about a Christmas special? (Am I getting ahead of myself?) Jesse is worried that Wynter has never had a “good” Christmas - perhaps this will finally be the year, with one or two additional family members thrown into the mix. (Needless to say, Harry won’t be invited.)
  • Joey (aka Rosie) and Beck Clifton just began a new chapter in their lives. We’ll check in on them (cupcakes are involved) and discover why Beck claims he used to date the increasingly famous Wynter Wild.
  • Ever wondered about the Fairn household when the boys were younger? I’m planning some short stories about their childhood - and don’t worry, it wasn’t all bad.
Montana skies, Fairn boys
Montana skies, Fairn boys
Wild things to read
Self-Worth and Validation (for my characters)
Let's Visit an Abandoned Copper Mine
NEW: Broken Strings: Wynter Wild Book 9
Wynter Wild Wiki
Dipping into the wiki for some random pages (spoilers):
Roman (age 16)
Roman (age 16)
Just for fun
Tail of Two Cats... with a twist ending
Tail of Two Cats... with a twist ending
One last thing: I’m collecting questions for a Q&A in a few weeks (when the last book is done). Just hit reply to this email if you have questions about the books, the writing, the future writing, or the writer. Or for those on Wattpad, I’ll invite questions at the end of the last book. More on that later.
Until next time… happy reading!
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Sara Creasy
Sara Creasy @saracreasy

I write 💯 guaranteed non-autobiographical escapist fiction about broken families, rock music🎸, pancakes, and igloos.
Author of the Wynter Wild series.

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