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Santa Barbara - CRM, blockchain, pitch ops

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Santa Barbara - 805

We share quality events to help entrepreneurs succeed through networking/educational opportunities🚀

Hello Entrepreneurs!
Stick around until Wednesday and Thursday to learn about:
  • The nonprofit business model
  • How to implement your first sales CRM
  • Secrets from the C-suite
  • The top 10 blockchain solutions in Latin America
Also don’t miss a virtual San Francisco VC fast pitch on Thursday.
See you next week.
Marina Akhavein

Understanding the Nonprofit Business Model | 9:30 AM
How to Implement your first Sales CRM: A Tactical Approach to Developing a Sales Methodology | 10:00 PM
Entrepreneurship Live! with Vanessa Ogle | 3:00 PM
Gayle Gibson - Secrets from the C-Suite | 7:00 AM
FINNOSUMMIT Challenge: Blockchain Edition Powered by Algorand | 9:00 AM
From Greek Start-Up to Global Scale-Up | 9:00 AM
San Francisco (Virtual) VC Fast Pitch | 1:00 PM
In the next few weeks
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