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Santa Barbara - 805 - Startup Feature! | StratDev

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Santa Barbara - 805

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Hello Entrepreneurs!
This week, we are featuring StratDev Digital Marketing.
This digest is dedicated to helping our local startup community. If you know a startup that should be featured, feel free to email me!
Stay safe and see you next week!
Marina Akhavein

Feature | SratDev Digital Marketing
StratDev is a digital marketing agency that provides services in SEO, website development, and social media management. With an expert marketing team and transparent marketing strategies, they aim to take businesses to the next level.
The agency works closely with local 805 companies and startups to help scale their online presence. With a tight-knit team, StratDev is accessible to their clients and provides specialized care with complete transparency about what their clients’ money is doing.
“We’re experienced with building and scaling SEO, web dev, and social media campaigns to increase revenue while using the latest technologies”
StratDev’s story begins with Jordan Calderon, a young entrepreneur still at UCSB! At 21 years old, he is pursuing a B.A. in Economics while managing his successful business.
Starting his freshman year, Jordan identified a market in college apparel. Due to his digital marketing skills, Jordan was able to launch CollegeClout, an e-commerce clothing company on the national level.
In 2019, he decided to launch StratDev Digital Marketing to help other businesses generate new customers, leads, and sales and has found enormous success by offering a “millennial approach” to their services.
StratDev is looking to take on new clients in the 805 area. Connect with Jordan via LinkedIn or email!
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