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Sankalp's Blockchain Express - A Lighter Take (22nd Feb, 2019)

“Blockchain Express” is our lighter take on everything blockchain. Sometimes non Blockchain interesti
Sankalp's Blockchain Express Weekly
Sankalp's Blockchain Express - A Lighter Take (22nd Feb, 2019)
By Sankalp Shangari • Issue #24 • View online
“Blockchain Express” is our lighter take on everything blockchain. Sometimes non Blockchain interesting stuff as well. Twitter and Social Media plagiarism at its best…..

JPM Coin, pension funds joining the race, Wyoming again, BTC over radio waves and ARAX Crypto App, Rise of MKR DAO and its DAI…..onwards and upwards……

Onwards & Upwards.....
1/Biggest news of the week was from JP Morgan launching it’s own digital currency - do not confuse with crypto currency. This is a private currency for now - but soon could replace Ripple etc. I have tried to cover some great narratives here in this post - Top 10 JPM Coin Narratives
Pomp 🌪
The most popular token for money laundering this year will be JPM Coin
So happy I got in the jp morgan coin ico. Selling OTC at 35x if anybody is interested DM me
2/Wyoming passed 3 blockchain bills & continues to lead the state race for clean and forward looking crypto regulations there. and Caitlin Long is the champion for this passage of bills. Did you know Wyoming was the least densely populated state? Or am I missing something?
Autonomous NEXT
#fintech - Crypto Rockies: Wyoming Continues Legislative March to Create a Blockchain Friendly Market with Digital Asset Property Law
3/Well done POMP
JUST IN: In a potential first for the crypto investment sector, two U.S. public pension funds are dipping their toes in Morgan Creek's latest vehicle. Report by @BradyDale
You might be able to hack @APompliano’s twitter account, but guess what. You can’t hack bitcoin.
4/👇This was coolest thing for me - Bitcoin send over Radio waves
Chris Mac
Bitcoin sent using radio waves. No internet required.
Second attempt today, through the #SnowStorm.

Sending free #Bitcoin over #JS8Call [7.077Mhz]

To RX you don't need a Ham license–in most countries. Get your SDR connected to @js8call and a 7Mhz (40m) antenna.

*(for experimental non-commercial purpose)
5/And lastly but awesomely….ARAX launches a multi-currency multi blockchain multi services wallet - Mass adoption is also coming…Stay tuned and download!!!
Arax supports 12 of your favourite coins across multiple blockchains and adding more in coming weeks.
Download @AraxApp Now
@ethereum @Ripple @LitecoinProject @StellarOrg @binance @TrustToken @omise_go @QtumOfficial @0xProject @AttentionToken @Bitcoin
BlockLOL Moments👇
@giacomozucco I will wear my Litecoin and Decred t-shirts so thieves will laugh and avoid me.
Marty Bent
What a snake. Vinny was one of the biggest proponents of SegWit2x and the New York Agreement. Now he's campaigning for smaller blocks. A true opportunist.
Coolest Blockchain Videos / Podcasts👇
This was one was both - Incredible coverage on periscope and as usual Naval at his brilliance. Here is the text version, if someone is interested.
Episode 413 Scott Adams: Talking to @Naval Ravikant About All the Important Stuff
Episode 413 Scott Adams: Talking to @Naval Ravikant About All the Important Stuff
Blockchain Investments....
The Block
Pantera crypto investment fund raises $125 million and counting
On a Serious Note - I read them for you, so you don't have to
Great research by Bitmex. Huge debt levels are looming again, worse than 2008. Crisis around the corner and no Paulsen this time?
BitMEX Research
Anatomy Of The Next Global Financial Crisis

In 2008 risk was elevated by leverage in the banking system & the securitisation of the mortgage market. Today the equivalent risk is in the asset management industry, in particular the corporate debt market
Kyle Samani
0/ Two absolutely amazing essays by @duganist and @delitzer

While written from wildly different perspectives, they touch on a lot of the same issues - and come to generally the same conclusion:
Travis Kling
Bear market reminders- BTC is the hardest money we've ever had in the history of humanity. Print this out and put it next to your computer.

h/t @crypto_voices
🙏 🙏 Meaningful Life - This is what matters in the end
Downtown Josh Brown
Two worst things you could be is a young know-it-all or an old fool. I was already one of these, trying to avoid being the other.
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Sankalp Shangari

Based in Singapore, Sankalp is involved in most aspects of Blockchain - as an entrepreneur, consultant, investor in several AI & Tech related ventures. You can reach out on twitter /linkedin/ medium @sankalpshangari

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