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Blockchain Express Weekly - A Lighter Take (Feb 5, 2019)

"Blockchain Express Weekly" is our lighter take on everything blockchain. Twitter and Social Media pl
Sankalp's Blockchain Express Weekly
Blockchain Express Weekly - A Lighter Take (Feb 5, 2019)
By Sankalp Shangari • Issue #21 • View online
“Blockchain Express Weekly” is our lighter take on everything blockchain. Twitter and Social Media plagiarism at its best…..

Wyoming Senate passes bill recognizing cryptocurrency as money. But who will recognise Wyoming? Awesome if these guys can pull it off. Anyways I hear a lot of folks are migrating from SF & NYC.
All #blockchain projects should pay attention to #NEM problems. Is the #crypto industry ok?

NEM Foundation, Nearly Broke, Plans Layoffs and Pivot via @CoinDesk
Layoffs & Counting - NEM, Coinsquare, Hosho, Shapeshift, Huobi, Consensys et al. It was two years in the making. Personally, I believe this will get worse in 2019 before we see another bull run in 2020.
Travis Kling
I am certain of almost nothing in this asset class.

But I’m pretty much certain that DAOs are going to be a really big part of our future.
With over 2 million ETH locked in DAI, and looking to add other coin support plus an App, DAO’s will be great. DEX’s are also getting smoother and better. Look at Airswap. So here’s to a bright decentralised future.
Arjun Balaji
If the QuadrigaCX founder somehow exit scammed tens of millions by faking his death, its actually literally out of Silicon Valley (from when Jian Yang faked Erlich's death:
Change in Plot? QuadrigaCX $190 M Loss Could Turn Into Theft? Let’s see how the story unfolds but learn one thing in crypto - NOT YOUR KEYS, NOT YOUR CRYPTO. Easier ways will come, but not here yet
Eric Conner
In the "we've learned nothing" category...

BitTorrent token opens trading at a $480,000,000 marketcap.
I am not sure what to make of this Tron / Binance / BitTorrent tirade. Already reaching USD 0.5 billion. Just mind boggling. Finished the ICO in something like 18 minutes and up 600 times since ICO started. Just WOW.
Nelson M. Rosario
Steps to a successful #crypto tweet

1. [Topical news item]
2. [Quote extracted from news item. Context is optional]
3. [Optional - Pithy comment about the quote]
4. [Say "Buy bitcoin"] - This is by far the most important step. In fact, everything might be optional.

This is classic and works 9/10 times. Just add price in the end, change your profile to an OG and attend three events.
my vaccum cleaner stopped working so i put a $xrp sticker on it and it started sucking again
Neeraj K. Agrawal
*two people looking at binance for the first time*

“There’s a coin called ‘Super Bitcoin?!’”

“Oh that sounds way better”
Anthony Sassano
The launch of WBTC gave me a good reason to create a follow up to my MakerDAO meme (using my shitty paint skills of course) 😅
Whitfield Diffie on the History of Cryptography — What Bitcoin Did
Off the Chain: Pascal Gauthier, President of Ledger: What is Cold Storage and Why Does it Matter?
We demand this T-Shirt be delivered to us....Just Fab
Tim Ogilvie
Pantera Capital, Coinbase Back Crypto Startup Staked in $4.5 Million Round
Staking is the buzzword of month. Target audience is h she funds, institutions as well as retail. Chicken and egg in my opinion. You hope for yields first or you stake coins first. And which ones you believe. Dash has been the consistent king so far
Kyle Samani
Excited to share our investment thesis in The Graph!

The Graph is going to be one of the most important protocols in the Web3 stack. And founders ⁦@yanivgraph⁩ and ⁦@RezBrandon⁩ have been amazing to work with.
I love this project. Great team backed by good people and advancing radially but firmly. However I still prefer being lend at 0.5% via DAI than any centralized lending ranging between 5-15% today per annum.
Francisco Gordillo
After $4M Funding Round, BlockFi Eyes Savings Account, Crypto Credit Cards #bitcoin #blockchain #fintech
When Gandalf asks you to buy the dip, you buy the dip
When Gandalf asks you to buy the dip, you buy the dip
This single tweet IMO os the best source of great articles every week, blockchain or no blockchain. It’s getting exhaustive sometimes but so far so good.
Pomp 🌪
What is the best article you read this week?

Any topic is fair game.
👇Great take on what institutional guys are thinking about crypto.
Ari Paul
I didn’t talk to many institutional investors in the second half of 2018. Just spent a day and a half at an allocator conference talking to many family offices and a few banks. Here are my takeaways.
Lest all GRIN
Nathaniel Whittemore
$100m for VC mining vs. $5k for core development.

A short thread on Grin, incentives, and the state of the crypto commons. /1

An Elegant Relationship (DAI, ETH, MKR) – Cyrus Younessi – Medium
How to hack blockchain?
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Sankalp Shangari

Based in Singapore, Sankalp is involved in most aspects of Blockchain - as an entrepreneur, consultant, investor in several AI & Tech related ventures. You can reach out on twitter /linkedin/ medium @sankalpshangari

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