Samuel Zeller

By Samuel Zeller

A monthly curated digest of inspiring photography articles & updates about my work as a freelance photographer.

A monthly curated digest of inspiring photography articles & updates about my work as a freelance photographer.

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New photography archive

If you'd like to peek into it you can access it here:archive.samuelzeller.chMake sure to bookmark it, as it will be regularly updated.


My new book: Botanical 🌿

Just a quick update to let you know that my book Botanical, published this April by Hoxton Mini Press, is available to pre-order. It will have 144 pages and feature 100 photographs taken during the last three years in various gardens and greenhouses in Europe…


There's a new Fujifilm forum 📸

Fujifeed is an online magazine for Fujifilm photographers. It recently reached 40'000 followers on Instagram and it's growing every day. It's a very vibrant community and I'm now launching another way for photographers to connect with each other with a sleek …


Samuel Zeller - Issue #5 - Street photography

I compiled this list of Fujifilm street photographers to follow on Instagram. I've tried to select different shooting styles and a variety of people from Paris to London. Read the article herePS: to add your own work or suggest someone, reply to this email


Unsplash x Fujifeed - Call for entries

Unsplash is the third biggest photography website in the world, featured photos on Unsplash are seen more times than if they were published on the front page of the New York Times or on the cover of Time magazine.You have until May 27th at midnight EST to sub…


Introducing Fujifeed prints: Limited edition fine art prints 👀

For most photographers, making and selling a print of their work is one of the final physical expression of the creative process.


Godspeed 🚀

Fujifeed is an online magazine for Fujifilm photographers, it's also my baby, my little (big actually) side project. And it just reached 20'000 followers on Instagram which is kinda insane to me! The engagement is great, about 1 on 5 people interact with the …


New LR preset, RAW file & more ✌️

I've teamed up with the Geneva Photo club to offer Fujifilm workshops in Geneva. As their new Fujifilm instructor, I'll be teaching you how to best use any Fujifilm camera, how to improve your shooting skills and ultimately how to become a better photographer…