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New LR preset, RAW file & more ✌️

New LR preset, RAW file & more ✌️
By Samuel Zeller • Issue #1 • View online
This week I’m sharing with you a curated collection of articles, a new exclusive Lightroom preset, a X-T2 RAW file, free software and some updates about the evolution of my photography business…

🇨🇭 New Fujifilm workshops in Geneva
I’ve teamed up with the Geneva Photo club to offer Fujifilm workshops in Geneva. As their new Fujifilm instructor, I’ll be teaching you how to best use any Fujifilm camera, how to improve your shooting skills and ultimately how to become a better photographer. Learn more 👈
✍️ Things I've bookmarked recently
Painterly Landscapes by Luca Tombolini
What is the state of the photo agency?
10 tips to make your photography business more efficient
👀 Exhibition in Vienna
I’ve got two 80x111cm pieces on display in Vienna, at the Lohner in the city concept store (Google maps). An exhibition organized by Inspiked. The group exhibition is visible until the 31 March 2017! Check it out 😎
👓 New magazine
I’ve very happy to have been selected by Archive Collective magazine for their new upcoming Issue called “The Earth Issue” ✌️🌿
The Earth Issue will include the writings and images of 29 artists, with a common goal of honouring nature through their works, and inspiring other artists to use art as a channel for environmental activism.
There will be a launch event in London (date and venue to be announced) with creative workshops, conferences about sustainability and climate change and exhibitions on environmentalist art.
You can already pre-order “The Earth Issue” here
🎉 Free stuff
ThumbsUp for Mac
ThumbsUp for Mac
ThumbsUp is a nifty little app that always stay in my dock. Let’s say I have 20 big .TIFF images I need to send to a client for previewing, I drag and drop them on ThumbsUp and in a second it output a series of .JPEG that I can send via email. It’s faster and more easy to use that Photoshop scripts.
Tych Panel for photoshop
Tych Panel for photoshop
Tych panel is a free diptych, triptych & ntych automation tool for Photoshop. It’s awesome and free. It will save you a lot of time!
Revue is the tool I used to build and send this email. It’s super easy to use, way cheaper than Mailchimp and I think it’s perfect for freelancers and small teams. Just enter the code GIFTFROMSAMUEL and get 3 months free (up to 1500 subscribers, enter the code here) 😎
📷 Recent shoot
Fujifilm X-Pro2 + XF16mm lens, edited in Lightroom
Fujifilm X-Pro2 + XF16mm lens, edited in Lightroom
A sneak peak at my latest “commercial” job, private planes and a big hangar in London. I can’t wait to show your more of that one… One thing I learned: bringing a XF50-140mm lens was a very good idea. Being able to isolate details of those monsters made of metal was indeed nice…
📦 Free RAW file
Fujifilm X-T2 + XF50-140mm, edited in Lightroom
Fujifilm X-T2 + XF50-140mm, edited in Lightroom
See that Shard picture? Well, here’s the RAW file of that shot! Do whatever you want with it, mix it, tweak it, share it. If you do post it on social media please add the #samuelzeller hashtag 😉
🖥 Free Lightroom preset
Here’s a new preset I made specially for you dear newsletter subscriber! 😁It is based on a request of someone who needed a blueish washed-out-blacks kind of look. Best used for gritty urban images… Download it here
👍 Thank you
For being part of that list, it’s a pleasure for me to craft this email every week or two. If you’d like to be included in the next issue, just drop me an email with a link to your content. If it’s good I’ll publish it with credits.
See you soon!
Sincerely,Samuel Zeller@zellersamuel
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