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Godspeed 🚀

Godspeed 🚀
By Samuel Zeller • Issue #2 • View online
2016 is slowly ending, it has been an incredible year for me and I hope it has been for you as well. In this email I’ll be some recent updates on my side projects and also interesting articles and videos that caught my eye.

🎉 Fujifeed reached 20k
Fujifeed is an online magazine for Fujifilm photographers, it’s also my baby, my little (big actually) side project. And it just reached 20'000 followers on Instagram which is kinda insane to me! The engagement is great, about 1 on 5 people interact with the content published. There’s also a Slack group you can join with over 400 Fujifilm photographers, it’s a very vibrant community and I have big plans for it in 2017.
The entire project is ad-free and all the content is free to access to anyone, thanks to very generous backers on Patreon 🙏
Here’s a few of the awesome images shared on Fujifeed:
👓 New tutorial: retouching interiors
I shot a few images for VIU Eyewear, a Swiss brand. And I made a step by step tutorial of the process. It’s a great insight if you’re shooting real estate or interior architecture. You can find the tutorial here 👀
✍️ Things I've bookmarked recently
🎉 Free stuff
I recently found Revision, an online tool made to compare two images, just drag and drop two files and you can get an interactive before/after slider that you can share around, nifty! Also is a free and easy preset management for Adobe Lightroom (OSX only)
📦 Free RAW file
Fujifilm X-T1 + XF35mm, edited in Lightroom
Fujifilm X-T1 + XF35mm, edited in Lightroom
I took this one in Portugal. Here’s the RAW file of that shot (DNG)! Do whatever you want with it, mix it, tweak it, share it. It’s yours.
👍 Thank you
For being part of that list, you’re now more than 10'000 subscribers! 😮
It’s a pleasure for me to craft this email every week or two. If you’d like to be included in the next issue, just drop me an email with a link to your content. If it’s good I’ll publish it with credits.
May the force be with youAll the best for 2017
Samuel Zeller@zellersamuel
Revue is the tool I used to build and send this email. It’s super easy to use, way cheaper than Mailchimp and I think it’s perfect for freelancers and small teams. Just enter the code GIFTFROMSAMUEL and get 3 full months entirely free (up to 1500 subscribers, enter the code here) 😎
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