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Your trusted source for all things Solana.

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Samoyedcoin's The Watchdog: Why Solana Went Down & QUIC

Solana Hits the Breaks, but Devs Are Doin' Something Over the weekend, the talk of the town wasn't just Yuga Lab's land drop sending Ethereum transactions to nearly $500, but also the Solana network halting for 7 hours. The disruption can largely be explained…


Samoyedcoin's The Watchdog: Another Step Towards Decentralization

Despite trading up as much as +8.5% on Thursday, last week shaped up to be yet another uninspiring week for the broader cryptoasset market. While the entire ecosystem printed its 3rd weekly loss in a row, BTC's -0.5% return marked a fourth consecutive week of…


Samoyedcoin's The Watchdog - Interest In SOL Jumps

Last week was another relatively uneventful and somewhat painful week for the broader cryptoasset market; BTC fell -6% lower for a third consecutive week while altcoins retraced -5.5%. The market-wide move was met with BTC dominance falling as low as 41.3%, a…


Samoyedcoin's The Watchdog: Institutions Want The SOL

Despite climbing to a 13-week high last Monday, BTC finished -1% in the red and ended a 2-week winning streak that many market participants expected to continue. Excluding BTC, the broader cryptoasset market did, however, go on finish the week up +3%. The div…


Samoyedcoin's The Watchdog: Back in the Saddle Again

Coming off the back of a flurry of positive headlines, BTC and the broader cryptoasset market finished up +14% and +15% last week, respectively, and clocked in a 6-day winning streak. Thanks to an abrupt move higher late Sunday evening, BTC was able to close …


Samoyedcoin's The Watchdog: Sentiment Is Shifting?

Staying true to the trend, BTC and the broader cryptoasset market remained rangebound for much of last week - marking the 3rd consecutive week where traders attempted to navigate one of the choppiest markets we've seen in several months. But unlike the past c…


Samoyedcoin's The Watchdog: Devs Are Doing Somethin'

Last week went down as yet another whip-sawing week of price action, with BTC climbing as high as $45K only to finish the week sub-$40K yet again. Crypto’s mid-week bid came off the back of U.S. inflation coming in line with expectations at 7.9% (a 40-year hi…


Samoyedcoin's The Watchdog: Uncertainty in the Air

A less than stellar start to last week was met with whipsawing price action later in the week as global market participants digested news of Russian invading Ukraine's capital, Kyiv. BTC fell as much as -11% intra-week after hitting a 1-month low of $34,300 o…


Samoyedcoin's The Watchdog: Adoption Persists

It was yet another turbulent week for the broader cryptoasset market, as a series of macroeconomic headlines put pressure on BTC and other cryptoassets later in the week after showing a glimpse of bullish momentum earlier in the week. More specifically, crypt…


Samoyedcoin's The Watchdog: Number Down, But Adoption Up

Although climbing back above a total market capitalization of $2T last week, the broader cryptoasset market finished the week lower and concluded what was a 2-week winning streak for the bulls. The market's climb to back above $2T coincided with BTC advancing…


Samoyedcoin's The Watchdog - Issue #1

Last week went down as yet another emotional week for crypto, as we saw BTC show strength earlier in the week, only to then crush hopes and dreams towards the middle of the week when BTC printed an ugly -5% candle on Wednesday, February 2, 2022. But unlike th…