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Billionaires selling Assets newsletter by SantaSurfing & Sammy - Issue #5

Financial newsletter by SantaSurfing & Sammy
Financial newsletter by SantaSurfing & Sammy
BILLIONAIRES BUST! Selling Assets / Empire Crumbling

Now Elon Musk is selling his properties!
But wait...IRS shows he pays little in taxes?
The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax — ProPublica
Didn't Elon say he wanted to "die in Mars..."
Bezos is going to Mars
Jeff Bezos Announces He Will Fly To Space In July, Making Him The First ‘Space Billionaire’ To Actually Go To Space
Ken Griffin - Sold condos for 23% less than paid
Ken Griffin sells remaining Faena House condo for $11.2M
Warren Buffet dumped banks stocks-he lost $$
Warren Buffett dumped Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and other bank stocks last year. They've now surged to record highs, meaning the investor left billions on the table. | Markets Insider
Buffet resigns from Gates Foundation
Warren Buffett resigns from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - CNN
Zuck donated $500M and Trump says it illegal!
Mark Zuckerberg donated $400M to help local election offices during pandemic | The Independent
Exposing Elon Musk -3:47 Min shocker!
Anonymous Message To Elon Musk
Anonymous Message To Elon Musk
Tesla facing 300,000 recalls in China alone!
With cruise control recalls, are there lawsuits that follow? Will there be investigations for faulty cruise control. This is not a fender replacement recall, this is an mechanical recall, which puts people’s lives in danger!
Tesla recalls nearly 300,000 cars in China over cruise control safety issue - CNN
Oprah's Empire plummets and she lashes out!
As Elite Privileged Billionaire Oprah Winfrey Lashes Out Against 'Systemic Whiteness' She Watches Her Magazine Fold And Cable Ratings Plummet • Now The End Begins
Billionaires are all making crazy moves!
Does this mean the end of their time on earth is near? Have they all been playing us like fiddles? Was this Elon’s plan to masterfully warm the hearts of middle America, only to find out he runs toxic slave operations with no care to humanity?
Didn’t Oprah love all races and even worked as a undercover pimp for Harvey Weinstein and now her empire is dwindling away and she is lashing out on white people!
Bezos officially resigns July 5, 2021. He wants to go to Mars. Is Mars code for leaving earth for good? Are these billionaires now facing their fate?
Is the SEC seizing their assets? They all run multi-billion dollar operations!
SCOTUS ruling seizes assets from fraud co's.
Supreme Court rules SEC may seize profits from fraudulent companies | TheHill
McAfee was arrested for tax evasion!
John McAfee was arrested for tax evasion. What happens to the billionaires that got away with tax evasion for many years, will the same rules apply to them?
John McAfee Indicted for Tax Evasion | OPA | Department of Justice
Why would anyone go to MARS?
MARS is unchartered territory for us non NASA earthlings. Elon even says he wants to die in Mars. Is that his final destination? Will it be Bezo’s too?
From - Guardian Article (See above)
From - Guardian Article (See above)
Very crazy moves made by Billionaires right now! I wonder what news will pop up next. I was on the fence about Elon Musk for it looked like he was becoming friendly with President Trump, yet he never endorsed him. Did he need to keep things warm and fuzzy so he could keep his government subsidies? I’m learning more each day…just like many!
Did President Trump put him in the limelight to draw attention to what he is doing?
Griffin and Buffet making moves that leaves millions on the table is not how they operate. They don’t leave one dime on the table!
What happens to the billionaires that got away with tax evasion for many years, will they get arrested and charged with a crime? Spain, a country with no extradition treaty with the USA changed its rules to extradite McAfee. How many other countries will follow suit?
If Billionaires want to flee, where can they go that is safe? Mars?
Does Mars have an extradition agreement with Earth (sarcasm)? Are you seeing the big picture?
Only time will tell!
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Financial newsletter by SantaSurfing & Sammy
Financial newsletter by SantaSurfing & Sammy

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