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Weekly Insights from Sam Fisher πŸβš–πŸ’› - Issue #14

Education - The Family Unit, Civic Duty, and Saving Democracy

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Our final segment discussing Education will not be our final newsletter by no means. I thought it was important to do a series on the different aspects of Education to shed some light on the complexities surrounding the topic and how difficult legislation will always be. Let’s begin…
The Family Unit
In antiquity and today the Family Unit defines strength as a society and provides strength to the individuals of the unit. However, republicans have done all it can to diminish the Family Unit within Black and Brown communities. Economic hardship, educational opportunities, and inequities in law enforcement and sentencing all work hard to destroy our families.
It takes a village to raise a child is a well known term. Our β€˜villages’ suffer a constant onslaught from white supremacy. Systemic Racism is the root cause for the degradation of Black and Brown Family Units. Black and Brown families endure a pay gap that is crippling. The median household income for Black and Brown families are about $41,000 per year. For white families its $70,000! ALMOST DOUBLE! This is deliberate.
Racial pay gap in the United States - Wikipedia
What’s worse, Black and Brown families often has both parents working. But even more harrowing is the number of single parent families. Our communities are decimated by many factors. Divorce rates are extremely high compared to white families. With more families being single parent households further disadvantages Black and Brown children from obtaining proper education. This being the case, as stated before, it takes a village to raise a child.
This is an African proverb. It is rooted in our DNA. This is precisely the reason why our Family Units are under constant attack. As a people we need to embrace this proverb and allow our children to have every opportunity they can get.
Strengthening the community to benefit Black and Brown children is a strategic policy position. This should be on the forefront of every conversation pertaining to our communities.
Civic Duty
There’s a direct correlation between education and being civic minded. As we saw in 2016 and 2020, misinformation, conspiracy theories and outright lies coalesced the β€œuneducated” in participating in the insurrection and countless other anti-American activities. While it is true not every participant was uneducated or undereducated, the majority of them were.
What is lacking in our society is civics education. The vast majority of Americans are unaware of how our government works. About the same group of people never had a civics class. How are we to promote a healthy allegiance to our country if we do not have an idea about how it works. We can’t even properly describe the process in how laws are made and enforced. Patriotism is born from knowledge.
In Black and Brown communities, Civic Duty is greatest amongst those who have strong Family Units and proper upbringing. As we go down the scale in strength of family and education, the ideals of Civic Duty is replaced with survival. It is critical to a healthy society that its citizens are patriotic, and have an allegiance to our country. Education is a major part of this.
Saving our Democracy
We all are witnessing the perilous state of our democracy. We are literally hanging on by a thread. Tyranny and authoritarianism are knocking on the door. We need all citizens on deck to protect our fragile country from going down that path that has doomed many civilizations in our history. The greatest defense we have is EDUCATION!
The more educated people are the less likely they are going to welcome the behavior of some usurping democracy. So you see the way forward to protect our democracy is to educate our citizens. White supremacy is fighting tooth and nail to defend its hold on this country. They would rather lose it all than to educate and strengthen our society. Self-preservation of white supremacy is killing America.
Our path is clear, we must ensure we focus on educating our children, ensure we confront our leaders to spend dollars in our communities, confront our school boards to enhance education, and demand more from our families and communities. If we all do our jobs we can improve families, improve our communities, and improve and save our democracy.
Next Week...
Next week we are looking into social media and the breakdown of the social fabric of our world. Please stay safe, and thank you for reading!
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