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Where productivity meets design. How far can we push it?
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Hey 👋
Firstly, big shout out to all the new subscribers. I think my list almost Tripled after sending this tweet over the weekend. I have never had that much engagement on twitter before (10,000+ impressions), pretty mind blowing. Thanks for all your amazing comments and support.
I’m already working on a new Notion template set, this time for landing pages so watch this space.
Anyway, it’s been a productive month and I have a packed issue with some awesome content i’ve been digesting this month.
Right, let’s get to it - time for this months roundup below 👇

Recreating My Personal Site Using Notion + Free Notion Personal Site Template Pack
How to create a super slick looking minimalist dark themed Notion dashboard 🌚
How to create a super slick looking minimalist dark themed Notion dashboard 🌚
The Psychology Behind TikTok's Addictive Feed
Finance for Beginners: The Best Articles and Expert Resources
Links 📓
The Social Dilemma
All Of Gary Halbert's Boron Letters From Prison
Products 📱
Discover TestFlight public links
Card V Card
Humane - The best human experience, ever.
The best place to discover what's new in the world of Webflow.
The Ultimate iOS 14 Homescreen Setup Guide!
Tweet of the month
This tweet from Sheel sparked a facinting thread discussing how well known entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians etc actually made the majority of their wealth from other businesses they are less known for.
Sheel Mohnot
random thought:

Jobs made more from Disney than from Apple

Clooney made more $ selling Tequila than acting

Bechtolsheim made more $ investing in Google than founding Sun

Foreman made more $ selling grills than boxing

Dre made more $ from Beats (headphones) than making music
I’ll leave you with this image - it’s the founding team from PayPal (AKA Paypal Mafia) who have gone on to create a dozens of billion dollar companies, including LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp, SpaceX, Tesla, Yammer, etc..
Can you tell who is who?
That’s it for this month!
If you made it this far, hit reply and tell me what you thought think of this newsletter. What did you love? what didn’t you like so much?
If you know anyone who would like this newsletter please share it!
Until next month,
Sam | @thisdickie 👨‍💻
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