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How to succeed as a creator 🚀

The Creator Club Newsletter
How to succeed as a creator 🚀
By Sam Dickie • Issue #19 • View online
This month 👾 Notion vs Microsoft | Roadmap for building startups | Create a website from a notebook | How to build an audience + loads more…
I’m Sam and welcome to my once-a-month newsletter. Each month I share the latest digital products, fascinating articles and resources from some of the best new and established online creatives.
🆕 Personal Updates
Firstly, a huge welcome to the 166 new subscribers 👋
It’s been a jam-packed November. I’m writing this months newsletter from London and boy is it good to be back. I spent 7 incredible years here before moving back to Scotland 2 years ago and I miss the buzz.
During the lockdown, I didn’t have the FOMO - if anything, I was more connected than ever. I met so many interesting people via Twitter, this newsletter and various online communities. As soon as lockdown was lifted I struggled to find the same tech buzz in Scotland. However, I did manage to attend the first Scottish No code meetup last week and it was brilliant!
Lastly, we got a new hairy member of family! I’ve had little to no sleep for the last two weeks but ‘Luna’ is awesome ❤️ 
Right, let’s get to it - time for this months roundup 👇

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⭐️ Community Showcase
This month I want to share John Bardos’s free weekly newsletter - Idea Economy. John shares a weekly digest of what is working in the creator economy, how to build your audience and grow your business. I’ve already found a load of new content creators and tips since subscribing. Check it out!
🐦 Tweet of the month
Pieter Levels is a prolific maker and pioneered 12 startups in 12 months challenge back in 2014. When he last shared his public revenue he was making over $1m a year as a solo maker. But why am I telling you this? Well, from the fringes, it seems everything he launches attracts huge success. But of course, this is rarely the reality, but sometimes you need some confirmation he is in fact a mere mortal and doesn’t always hit a home run. So when he shared this tweet listing out all the 70+ projects he launched and mentioned only 4 out of the 70+ actually generate revenue it gave it us all hope.
As the saying goes, the more you swings you take of the bat, the higher likelihood you hit a home run!
🍰 Only 4 out of 70+ projects I ever did made money and grew

📉 >95% of everything I ever did failed

📈 My hit rate is only about ~5%

🚀 So...ship more
⚡️ Flashback
This month I’m going to leave you with the 1989 Nintendo Power Glove.
Personally, I was completely unaware of this wild toy existed despite being a Nintendo obsessed 90’s kid. The original concept was called the ‘Data Glove’ and was the brainchild of two other companies and started life as a prototype fashioned out of a gardening glove and some LED tubes. From there it began to take life but the cost of $10k per glove wasn’t viable , therefore the team were challenged to get it below $100. Come launch at CES they actually ended up hiring a child actor to demo the glove and pretend it was working - very similar to Steve Jobs first iPhone keynote. Despite a lot of hype the glove was a flop and was plagued by technical issues. You can snag a new unboxed one for about £150.
Personally, I would love it if they brought this back with today’s VR/AR tech. Watch this space 👀
That’s it for this month!
If you made it this far, hit reply and tell me what you thought of this newsletter. What did you love? what didn’t you like so much? I read every response 👀
Until next month,
Sam | @thisdickie 👨‍💻
P.S you can view all my past content in this Notion repo 🗄
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Sam Dickie

I’m Sam and welcome to my once-a-month newsletter. Each month I share the latest digital products, fascinating articles and resources from some of the best new and established online creatives.

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