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Creator Cameo with Zoe Chew

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Creator Cameo with Zoe Chew
By Sam Dickie • Issue #13 • View online
This issue 👾 Great Online Game | Inbox Zero| Successful But Unhappy | $2m business using no-code tools + loads more …
Welcome to this months Creator Cameo series. Each month I invite an online creator or maker I follow and admire and let them take over the newsletter. This month we have …….
Zoe Chew | @whizzzoe
Hey fellow creators! Zoe Chew here 👋 I’m delighted to take over the first Creator Club Cameo newsletter.
I’m a Product Builder at /build, and the creator of NotionTrackerSuite. Currently, I’m part of On Deck Founder Fellowship 10. I’m based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🇲🇾
Previously: My apps have been featured on Product Hunt #1, Lifehacker US, Hacker Noon Noonies Winner, and tech blogs in 7 countries. 
Now: I run a product studio X media platform. As a studio, I launch startup products internally to create small bets of venture portfolio, traction & profitability. For media, I produce content properties for product entrepreneurship under a network of newsletters & courses.
Background: I’m an operator. I’ve worked with US/APAC remote teams and VC-backed tech cos in product, communication, growth & community strategy. Before working in tech, I started my career as a digital marketing consultant in paid Ads & online strategy.
Today, I’m excited to bring together a list of resources that I’ve consumed and found valuable to the creators & makers community.
Let’s spread ideas - time for this months roundup below 👇

📓 Articles
🔗 Links
📱 Products
⭐️ Makers & Creators To Follow
Here are some of my favourite makers and creators I personally follow and recommend checking their content:
  • Codie Sanchez: @Codie_Sanchez is creating a newsletter at Contrarian Thinking. Solid advice on making moves and moolah $$
  • Steven Chien: @stevenmeets who is building and creating a newsletter at fatcatfun. If you’re into NFT investing, check it out!
  • Peter Yang: @petergyang All things creators’ economy and product management insights.
🐦 Tweet of the month
I love these guiding principles and personal values for creating a successful life and business. Click and check out the thread below 👇
Codie Sanchez 💥
Every human should have their rules for life thought out.

What drives you? What is your own personal set of commandments? What lines will you never cross?

I asked my Navy SEAL man, Chris, to write out his 10 rules for life:
That’s it for this month!
If you made it this far, hit reply and tell me what you thought of this new Creator Cameo segment. What did you love? what didn’t you like so much? I read every response 👀
Until next month,
Sam | @thisdickie 👨‍💻
P.S you can view all my past content in this Notion repo 🗄
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