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Are you looking to take your personal brand to the next level?

The Creator Club Newsletter
Are you looking to take your personal brand to the next level?
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Hey 👋
What’s up? I’m just back from a much needed break. I spent 8 days in a super remote island in the north-west of Scotland to decompress a bit 🧘‍♂️🍹
This month I have been redesigning my website to include a new downloads section and integrating Gumroad. I’m looking to build this section of my site over the coming months - so watch this space.
More importantly I have launched a new Notion Component Kit. This time I tried to take it a step further and create a ton of reusable component blocks you can copy and build your own landing page, personal website or portfolio in minutes. I think this is as far as I can take Notion from a design perspective - let me know what you think.
Next weeks goal is to get some content i’ve been working on published - wish me luck!
Lastly, I’m always fascinated with other folks newsletters metrics 🤓 therefore, I thought I would start sharing my newsletters metrics each month.
📈 October: Open Rate 49.11% | CTR 34.86%
Right, let’s get to it - time for this months roundup below 👇

Looking to take your personal brand to the next level?
From an Airtable to $9.2k in Side Income
Sean Parker's Email to Spotify's Daniel Ek
We Don’t Sell Saddles Here.
Links 📓
Humane leak
Madflow - Discover the best Webflow design
Products 📱
You've Got Spam
gSweets: Shortcuts for gDocs
The AI companion who cares
Toy Faces 3D Avatar Library
Tabbs: Navigate Chrome tabs like a pro
Tweet of the month
I’m a huge fan of twitter but noticed after watching this short intro from Julian Shapiro (founder of Demand Curve - legend 🤘🏻) i’m using it like a rookie. It’s time to kick it up a notch and become more organised and optimised.
Any tips, tricks or hacks you personally use for twitter? Hit reply.
Julian Shapiro
Here's a look into how I use Twitter.

I suggest you consider the same.

This makes Twitter much more useful 👇
I’ll leave you with this hilarious short clip from the 1994 film Disclosure with Michael Douglas. Just imagine you had to do this every time you were looking for a file on your computer 😅
please enjoy this scene from disclosure (1994) where michael douglas uses VR to access some files
That’s it for this month!
If you made it this far, hit reply and tell me what you thought think of this newsletter. What did you love? what didn’t you like so much?
If you know anyone who would like this newsletter please share it!
Until next month,
Sam | @thisdickie 👨‍💻
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