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🏒 πŸš™ πŸ€– #35: some holiday reading and one quick ask

🏒 πŸš™ πŸ€– #35: some holiday reading and one quick ask
Welcome to my newsletter, where I discuss thoughts and news on the intersection of the built world and technology #retail #mobility #realestate #tech
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To not leave you completely empty handed, I’ve included some links to interesting content I’ve enjoyed over the last few days:
How the Internet Happened - this a16z podcast is a discussion with Chris Dixon and Brian McCullough on the history and evolution of networked computing
Dr. Elon & Mr. Musk - A great, long read by Wired, taking a look at the last year of production toils Tesla and Elon Musk have been facing
Juul in the e-smoking crown - TechCrunch’s Josh Constine looks at whether Juul is really making people quit smoking (spoiler alert: it’s doing the opposite) and it’s new $38bn valuation
Fortnite is 2018’s most important social network - The Verge look at the phenomenon that is Fortnite and how this game is solving the real world problem of decreasing real world connection
Zoox’s self driving taxis - Zoox has become the first company to be granted a permit in California to operate self-driving taxis for public passengers
Selling a startup to P&G - Tristan Walker founder of newly acquire Walker & Company talks about selling his company to Procter & Gamble
See you in 2019! Wishing you well for the coming year.
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