Cloud native with Saiyam

By Saiyam Pathak

Kubernetes and cloud native

Kubernetes and cloud native

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Cloud native with Saiyam - memories flashback

Kubesimplify is growing at an amazing pace and I am so much proud of the work the whole team is doing. We finally launched our websites project so you get a new look when you visit Kubesimplify. The blogs have moved to and the old backli…


Cloud native with Saiyam - Crazy meetup idea

We are growing day by day and we are increasing our number of initiatives every day. Our visual learning series, mini-projects, threads, and workshops have provided huge benefits to the community.Upcoming workshopsService meshKubernetes troubleshootingKuberne…


Cloud native with Saiyam - Independence day edition

Kubesimplify is the community and a mission to simplify cloud native. Join us on this mission and learn from amazing workshops, mini projects for hands-on, discord where all the fun happens and Ambassador program to take kubesimplify to millions. We did a Twi…


Cloud native with Saiyam - Ringing bells

As stated in the last edition that our focus is only on producing quality content and mini projects to help the community work on real-world projects that promotes learn by doing. Finally, we launched the most awaited initiative - the Kubesimplify Ambassador …


Cloud native with Saiyam - Acceleration edition!

Since we have shifted our core focus to work towards Quality content we are working on something amazing for the community - Yes this is separate from the workshops :D We will not stop innovating and bringing new things to the community. Make sure to join Kub…


Cloud native with Saiyam - Get back on track!

Working on some amazing things - the websites projects is on the verge of completing, working on a new workshops project with stripe integration which will be announced soon with great learnings planned.We are at 95k+ views with 65articles on Hashnode which i…


Cloud native with Saiyam - the M1 Max edition!!

We have published 15 blogs and got over 23k+ view since the last edition of this newsletter. There is a new mini project of a CLI creation starting soon so make sure to join the discord if you want to get the hands on experience with your learnings.Kubesimpli…


Cloud native with Saiyam - KubeCon CloudNativeCon EU edition

I am loving what we are building at Kubesimplify. There is a community, there are so many projects and initiatives that people are working on to learn and apply their knowledge and put them to use. Today I announce Kubesimplify sponsored articles - If you are…


Cloud native with Saiyam - Birthday edition

I am so proud of what we are building and what we have achieved in so little time. Here are some of the stats Started March 23rdPublished 30 blogs Got featured, trending on Hashnode and featured on Kubeweekly + various other newsletters 30k + views on the pos…


Cloud native with Saiyam - Accelerating to KubeCon

We are committed to producing high-quality content for everyone and are also excited to share that we have partnered with killercoda to provide even more amazing blogging experiences to the readers.We have also changed our logo and all the branding informatio…


Cloud native with Saiyam - Rise of Kubesimplify!

At Kubesimplify the plan to to keep posting the content every day so reach out as we need more for the community. All the sponsorship money for Kubesimplify will be given back to the community.Kubernetes 1.23 + containerd by Saloni explains how to simply set …


Cloud native with Saiyam - It's not over yet!

The Student Ambassador program is going great, with over 100 submissions and it is going international <3 Great to see the support from my friends in spreading the word! The applications will remain open so you can apply/share. I will keep on improving the…


Cloud native with Saiyam - Peace edition

I started a new initiative with the students for the students - The Student Ambassador program. When I was a student, I remember the most painful thing was to get the right mentor who could guide me, and I had to struggle my way through. But now, I want to he…


Cloud native with Saiyam - Motivating February

Chaos engineering 2022 - I gave this talk at Chaos carnival and it felt good as over 150+ people joined, this video gives an introduction to chaos engineering, cloud native chaos engineering, tools - Litmus and Chaos mesh and the whitepaper.CNCFMinutes video …


Cloud native with Saiyam - 2022 second edition!

WTF are eBPF & Cilium? with Liz Rice and Christopher Luciano - It will blow your mind!Sysbox - Next generation runc - this is a super interesting project with rootless containers and the ability to run most of the VM like workload.Rancher Desktop 1.0 - Ra…


Cloud native with Saiyam - 2022 first edition!

I also started an org membership plan that the organizations can join, this plan helps them with various benefits as mentioned on the membership page(though reach out first before purchasing it). I only have 8 slots to fill in and already 3 are taken and 3 ar…


Cloud native with Saiyam - December holiday edition

This is the only Roadmapy that you need to follow if you want to get into tech/DevOps and be job-ready in 6 months. I request you all to share this as much as you can as it contains amazing resources as well from where you can learn and I myself will be creat…


Cloud native with Saiyam - December mid edition

These CNCFMinutes are actually very useful to know about a CNCF project in a few minutes, my aim is to cover all the projects in the CNCF ecosystem and yes I will do it!! Other streams - Managing Stateful Applications in a GitOps friendly way with ArgoCDEmerg…


Cloud native with Saiyam - November second edition

IF you have read the previous edition there were some great streams so do check them out. After that also I didn’t stop and below are the latest additions that you should check out. Video uploads :KCNA - New Kubernetes certification Kubestr walkthrough - Kube…


Cloud native with Saiyam - November mid edition

So many streams happened with a HUGE week -> CI/CD week