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Cloudnative with Saiyam - September DAD edition

Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak
Welcome to the first edition and thank you all for supporting my Youtube channel. You people are the best.
If you have loved me and my content then you will love this too <3 . I want this to be like me telling you stuff that I found useful and from where I learnt this month. If you have anything to be included, feel free to reach out on Twitter. Read till the end for baby pics -> Yes I became DAD in September 2021.

Tools of the month
KubeLibrary is a Robot Framework test library for Kubernetes.
pip install robotframework-kubelibrary
pip install robotframework-requests
cd KubeLibrary
robot -e prerelease testcases
  • ImageWolf provides a blazingly fast way to get Docker images loaded onto your Kubernetes cluster, allowing updates to be pushed out quicker.
  • Inspektor-gadget - Collection of gadgets for debugging and introspecting Kubernetes applications using BPF. v0.3.0 comes with 5 new gadgets
-Process collector
-Socket collector
-Seccomp Policy Advisor
  • K8up - Kubernetes backup operator
  • Earthly - 🌍 Earthly is a build automation tool for the container era. It allows you to execute all your builds in containers. This makes them self-contained, repeatable, portable and parallel. You can use Earthly to create Docker images and artifacts (e.g., binaries, packages, arbitrary files).
Learn something new
Andy Jeffries
Too many people are scared of deleting things in Git and losing work. It's actually really safe - by default for 30 days no commits made are actually garbage collected. Even after deleting a branch you can recreate it.

A good book is

Example of doing it:
Ivan Velichko
How to grasp Containers and Docker (Mega Thread)

When I started using containers back in 2015, I thought they were tiny virtual machines with a subsecond startup time.

It was easy to follow tutorials from the Internet on how to put your Python or Node.js app into a container...
Civo Academy
Some stuff from Youtube
Obviously, you need to check out my friends’ awesome cloud native content - Rawkode , POPCAST, Adrian, Bret
Baby Pics - Yay!! I became DAD!!
Parenthood started!!
Parenthood started!!
I'm an uncle twice today! Congrats to .@SaiyamPathak and @I_saloni92 on the birth of Rushika!

Much love from all of us!
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Teleport version v7 came out with mongodb support and other features
My Supporters
Thank you to the amazing members -> POP, Rawkode, Marky, Noel, Walid, Cedric and Jack
Thanks to Teleport for being a platinum member
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Thank you for reading this edition and hope you like it, let me know if you are doing something great that will benefit the community, I will include that.
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Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak @saiyampathak

Kubernetes and cloud native

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