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Cloud native with Saiyam - Ringing bells

Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak
Hi there, how are you doing? I feel that sometimes being too nice can work against you but that should not stop you from doing good. Life is a gift and I say that time and again because I know the value of it. I lost my brother last year and that did change me a lot. Not a day goes by when I do not think of him, I stay with my parents now and left many opportunities because life is more important than anything and I want to be with them when they need me the most. Why I am telling you all this? Life is full of problems and each one of us is fighting a different battle where one cannot understand the pain of others so there is no single path that can benefit all. You need to work for yourself, what works best for you, what gives happiness to you and then how you grow as a person in life. In short, figour own problems in your own way and win them.
Let’s get back to tech, so the past couple of weeks have been amazing as I delivered my first ever Kubernetes workshop - 4 hours and I got a great response from the community, which does make me happy :)
I am glad that I am in a space where I get to see, understand, use and provide feedback on the latest tech coming up in cloud native.
What did I do:
My Upcoming talks
  • Hashiconf global in LA - I will be doing a talk: A Mini-PaaS for Developers With Waypoint. I am so glad that I have one of the featured talks <3
  • DevOpsDays India - Happy to be one of the organizers and this will happen in person in Bengaluru, get your CFP’s in!!

Kubesimplify updates
As stated in the last edition that our focus is only on producing quality content and mini projects to help the community work on real-world projects that promotes learn by doing.
Finally, we launched the most awaited initiative - the Kubesimplify Ambassador program, check out the announcement and apply now!
Another important initiative started is the Introducing Simplifying DevOps - A Devops Learning Series by our Kubesimplify Ambassadors(Pavan Gudiwada , Kunal Verma, Bhavya Sachdeva , Aayush Sharma) who will be creating weekly videos following my DevOps roadmap video. So excited for this series.
Kubesimplify workshops are doing amazing, we have completed 3 workshops till now and tomorrow(Monday 1st Aug) 7 am PT is the next one on Kubernetes security, make sure to set your reminder.
Also, we are very close to completing our website project and moving to the next project which is building a CLI. Join the discord now and be part of all the initiatives.
We got three new awesome blogs that you MUST read.
Make sure to follow Kubesimplify and signup for all the upcoming workshops.
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News and Announcements
Nice July reads(16th to 31st)
Learning resources/repositories
Let me know if you want me to create any videos on the tools that I post, I already have a couple of them on my mind that made to the list.
Learn from Twitter
Sid Palas
DevOps is dead 💀, long live Platform Engineering!

1) Developers don't like dealing with infra
2) Companies need control of their infra as they grow

Platform Engineering (and Internal Developer Platforms) enable these two facts to coexist. Here's how:

Ivan Velichko
Kubernetes basics explained by analogy 🧵

...or "How Kubernetes Just Repeats Good Old Deployment Patterns"

1. For a long time, people had been deploying services as groups of virtual (or physical) machines.

But VMs were often slow and bulky. Hence, not very efficient.
Sponsors info
This issue is brought to you by KomodorSpeedscaleCloudcasaSysdig, Armo, SlimAI and Teleport ->
Komodor is a Kubernetes reliability platform, complete with automatic troubleshooting playbooks for every K8s resource, and static-prevention monitors that enrich live & historical data with contextual insights to help enforce best practices and stop incidents in their tracks. By baking K8s expertise directly into the product, Komodor is democratizing DevOps knowledge and empowering dev teams to resolve issues efficiently and independently.
Speedscale  is a traffic replay framework that provides API observability, and autogenerated tests and mocks from real traffic. Speedscale helps engineering teams validate how new code will perform under production-like workload conditions. Traffic can be multiplied to measure the golden signals of latency, throughput, saturation and errors before the code is released
Cloudcasa is Free Kubernetes Backup and Cloud Migration with Cyber-Resilience as-a-Service. Mi Casa es Tu Casa!
Sysdig is driving the standard for cloud and container security. The company pioneered cloud-native runtime threat detection and response by creating Falco and Sysdig as open source standards and key building blocks of the Sysdig platform
ARMO assures DevOps, DevSecOps, and developers that every workload, cluster, container, and microservice is born and remains secure, from development to production and from configuration to run-time, every time. They are the creators of Kubescape.
SlimAI - giving developers the power to build better cloud-native applications with less friction, complexity, and waste.
Teleport is the easiest, most secure way to access all your infrastructure. The open-source Teleport Access Plane consolidates connectivity, authentication, authorization, and audit into a single platform.
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Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak @saiyampathak

Kubernetes and cloud native

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