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Cloud native with Saiyam - Peace edition

Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak
It’s been difficult to concentrate on anything with what is happening worldwide. We are already suffering from Pandemic, and war is the worst thing that can happen. It is so unfortunate to see the attack happening in Ukraine. My prayers are with my friends in Ukraine, I have friends who are there from Ukraine, and I feel so sad.
I think the world needs love and peace, not hate and war. I hope it ends soon and people can start living happily. Any of my friends in Ukraine want to talk, feel free to reach and I will be happy to support you by all means.
I am praying for the well-being of people who are suffering and hope it all ends soon 🙏
Also, feel free to connect with me if you want to get into cloud native; I will do my best to teach you and help find jobs.
Starting with the newsletter now.
The community never disappoint in the amount of content they produce!! I am glad to be part of this fantastic community, and for the same reason, I started the Cloud Native Twitter community so that all the fantastic content people are creating, streams they are doing, products they are building can be found from a single place. There will be different contests/challenges that will run as well in this community, so far in a week, two challenges have been completed, one from Robusta and one from Armo that offered SWAGs for challenge completion. So please join and share this community.

Cloud Native community
New Initiative
I started a new initiative with the students for the students - The Student Ambassador program. When I was a student, I remember the most painful thing was to get the right mentor who could guide me, and I had to struggle my way through. But now, I want to help students find their path and grow to avoid those mistakes and failures I faced. For this, there is a program to which students can apply, and the good part is students only are running this as they will understand the needs better. If any of the students are interested, you can apply here.
Criteria: -
- A strong and determined “WILL POWER” to learn!
- You need to be active in the community, Github, Twitter and keep your profile updated!
- At last but not least, “will” to learn Cloud Native Technology and do something productive.
Perks: -
- Monthly coaching session with me!
- Exclusive access to private discord with me!
- First access to SWAGS - Whenever the contests get running!
Please check out the previous edition of the newsletter also for amazing content produced in the whole of February month.
News and Announcements
Nice February reads(16th to 28th Feb)
More by the community
Learning resources/repositories
Learn from Twitter
Ivan Velichko
How to create T-shaped I/O pipelines in Go.

One of my fav shell utils is tee. It allows dumping the output of an arbitrary pipeline's step into a file.

grep | sed | sort | uniq
grep | sed | tee tmp.log | sort | uniq

Turns out, Go's io package can do the same!
David Flanagan
Ever seen a bash scripts first two lines and thought "What's this noise?"

You're not alone. Many folks ignore these lines and copy-and-paste them without giving them much thought, but they're super cool.

Let's take a look

Saiyam Pathak
Who is hiring Developer advocates? Put in this thread 🧵
Salary range
Let’s connect open postions with candidates 👇🏼
Andy Jeffries
One of the team @CivoCloud asked me my feelings on "Degree vs experience" and whether I felt degrees were worth the not inconsiderable expense and time, in comparison to just self-lerning. I'll spell this out in a 🧵... 1/24
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Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak @saiyampathak

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