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Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak
Welcome to the November First edition and thank you all for supporting my work. You people are the best.
If you have loved me and my content then you will love this too <3 . I want this to be like me telling you stuff that I found useful and from where I learnt this month. If you have anything to be included, feel free to reach out on Twitter. This is the first edition for November as I feel so much have happened already that you need to know, amazing session, blogs, tools around !!
It was a festive season in India and everywhere you can see the decoration if you go out on the streets. I missed my brother so much as we used to be together for Deepawali. Life is hard and unpredictable, please enjoy each moment and show love to your near dear ones.

So many streams happened with a HUGE week -> CI/CD week
Next up are some of the other streams that I did covering:
News and announcements
  • Microsoft launched a new serverless offering: Azure Container Apps - Build and deploy modern apps and microservices using serverless containers. Scale to zero, Service discovery, HTTP or other events (queues, streams), Built with open source - Kubernetes, Dapr, KEDA, Envoye.
I read it somewhere where they said that cloud run was not a good approach for the future and they are on similar grounds showcasing the power of serverless. What do you think about this ? Did anyone try it already?
Tools of the month and great repositories
  • Go algorithms - Go translations of the Java source code for the algorithms and clients in the textbook Algorithms, by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne.
  • Mizu - A simple-yet-powerful API traffic viewer for Kubernetes enabling you to view all API communication between microservices to help your debug and troubleshoot regressions.
  • Benchmark Operator - The intent of this Operator is to deploy common workloads to establish a performance baseline of Kubernetes cluster on your provider.
  • Sysbox - Sysbox is an open-source container runtime (aka runc), originally developed by Nestybox.
  • Descheduler for Kubernetes - Descheduler, based on its policy, finds pods that can be moved and evicts them.
  • Kip - Kip is a Virtual Kubelet provider that allows a Kubernetes cluster to transparently launch pods onto their own cloud instances.
  • Writing a “bare metal” operating system for Raspberry Pi 4
  • Kubermetrics is an open-source dev tool that provides Kubernetes cluster monitoring as well as data visualization in a simple and easy to understand user interface
  • Autotune - Autonomous Performance Tuning for Kubernetes
  • Gyype - A vulnerability scanner for container images and filesystems
Free learning resources
Nice November reads
Saiyam Pathak
Put your best Golang learning resources here 👇🏼
Please add what you learned from that resource as well.
Books, playlists, repositories anything!
It would be great to add target audience as well like for beginners, intermediate, use-case specific etc.
Andrew Howden (in 🇩🇪 & 💉💉)

Well, it's a pretty fun job tbh, I can understand that. But maybe you're like "whoah hey what is SRE even".

If that sounds like you, good news! I have some resources to share with you. They're not definitive, but I found them useful.

Learn from Twitter
Daniele Polencic
Does Kubernetes rebalance your Pods?

If there's a node that has more space, does Kubernetes recompute and balance the workloads?


Let's see!
Ivan Velichko
What a handy tool! I can already see how it saves a few round trips for folks like me helping troubleshoot networking issues via Slack.

`dstp <host>` shows

- ping duration
- DNS resolution
- system DNS settings
- TLS certs information
- HTTP status code
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Teleport version v7 came out with mongodb support and other features
My supporters
Thank you to the amazing members -> POPRawkodeMarkyNoelWalidCedric and Jack
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Thank you for reading this edition and hope you like it, let me know if you are doing something great that will benefit the community, I will include that.
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Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak @saiyampathak

Kubernetes and cloud native

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