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Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak
Ok Ok Ok, I agree that I missed KubeCon and had a significant FOMO to deal with. But the cloud native community did a great job posting their learning from Kubecon on Twitter.
Also, I am happy that I spent Diwali(one of the biggest festivals in India) with my family, which was unique.
Special shoutout to Kunal for doing awesome daily roundups and interviews at KubeCon and making it available for everyone. The overall summaries are excellent and can only be watched on Civo TV.
My main takeaway from KubeCon is that we need more contributors, and we need to educate more people to get into cloudnative so that they can become contributors and end up as maintainers. I talk of the town was:
  • Security - How to get security in place right from the beginning and use Supply chain security tools with your current software.
  • WASM - Congrats to Fermyon and Cosmonic for their launch of PAAS and for the funding to continue to evolve the WASM ecosystem.
  • eBPF - This KubeCon was no different, and eBPF has its roots and power in all places, from security to monitoring. Cilium is a crucial player in adopting and promoting eBPF.
Shout out to CNCF for organizing a fantastic event once again and also keeping the community first approach. They also gave booths to many smaller projects, which was great and will help drive adoption for them.
All the sessions for co-located events and KubeCon are available on Youtube here.
The CFP for KubeCon Amsterdam 2023 is open till 18th November so make sure to get your best CFPs right.
I look forward to 2023 as I love the cloudnative community who have given me so much, and I try to give back to the community in every way possible.
Do reply to this email with your KubeCon learning and takeaways.
My work:
My upcoming Conferences/Talks
  • Open source summit, Japan with my wife - the cloud native power couple will be on the stage maybe with baby :D
  • KubeDay, Japan
  • DevOpsDays India - I will be there as an organizer and it will be super fun so make sure to get your tickets today.
  • Civo Navigate - I am trying hard to make this the best technology conference so you need to be there to experience it.
Now let’s get to the fantastic content by the community.

Kubesimplify Updates
Are you ready for the upcoming Twitter space by awesome Andrew Brown and James Spurin on KCNA ? Set your reminder here.
Check out our GitHub repositories if you are looking for some mini projects to work on.
Reach out if you want to contribute a blog or want to create a course on Kubesimplify’s YouTube channel.
Follow Kubesimplify on HashnodeTwitter and Linkedin. Join our Discord server to learn with us.
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News and Announcements
Nice October reads(15th Onwards)
Learning resources/repositories
  • Shell operator: Shell-operator is a tool for running event-driven scripts in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Golang for beginners - another awesome resource to learn golang.
  • Zero trust security by SUSE - In this, SUSE introduce the practical application of Zero Trust to containerized environments. You’ll find out how to get started on the Zero Trust journey for your containers.
  • cdebug - experimental container debugger (WIP).
  • Introduction to Istio - Tetrate Contributes the First Official CNCF Istio Training Course to Further Service Mesh Adoption.
  • Kubernetes learning by Kasten
Learn from Twitter
Carol Valencia 🐾
Do you need Sbom, Sarif or vulnerability format? #trivy
👉🏽 trivy image --format table alpine:3.10
👉🏽 trivy image --format cyclonedx alpine:3.10
👉🏽 trivy image --format spdx-json alpine:3.10
👉🏽 trivy image --format sarif alpine:3.10
👉🏽 trivy image --format cosign-vuln alpine:3.10
Daniele Polencic
In Kubernetes, are there hidden costs to running many cluster nodes?

Let me explain… (spoiler: yes)
Kelsey Hightower
I don't talk about job promotions very often, but this one deserves a little celebration. I just made L9 as an individual contributor on Google's engineering ladder, which means I've earned the privilege of referring to my role as "Distinguished" on all my slide decks.
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Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak @saiyampathak

Kubernetes and cloud native

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