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Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak
Hello people!! how is life treating you? It’s been a wild ride for me - especially the past 2 weeks! First I went to London to meet my team Civo and then to Valencia, Spain for attending and speaking at Kubecon EU 2022( and
London meetup was great, we planned it in less than 10 days and the turnout was around 60 people. I spoke on Kubernetes 1.24 features.
KubeCon in person is next level stuff, the vibe you get there is just amazing. I met so many people, went to many booths to understand what they are solving in the cloud native space and it was awesome!
With some people I really had good conversation about Kubernetes, culture, startups, sustainability, collaboration, community and contributions. We also had a Civo booth and we took an edge rack with us for people to launch a cluster in Kubecon region that was very well appreciated by the audience.
My upcoming talks

Who got the best KubeCon badge? ;)
Who got the best KubeCon badge? ;)
Kubesimplify updates
I am loving what we are building at Kubesimplify. There is a community, there are so many projects and initiatives that people are working on to learn and apply their knowledge and put them to use.
Today I announce Kubesimplify sponsored articles - If you are an organization, now you can submit a sponsored article that can be published on Kubesimplify.
May has been a good month, here are the top few articles for May
Check out all the articles on
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News and Announcements
Nice May reads
Learning resources/repositories
Learn from Twitter
Share a kubectl tip below that you think a lot of users don’t know about. 👇🏼
Gotcha in #Kubernetes v1.24:

ServiceAccounts no longer auto-generate a secret.

So while it still generates an expiring token for pods on-demand, if you were making a ServiceAccount to use locally (to avoid always having cluster admin), your script is probably gonna break.
Saiyam Pathak
What is your favourite Linux command?
Sponsors info
This issue is brought to you by KomodorSpeedscaleCloudcasaSysdigRobusta, Suborbital, Armo, SlimAI, and Teleport ->
Komodor is a Kubernetes reliability platform, complete with automatic troubleshooting playbooks for every K8s resource, and static-prevention monitors that enrich live & historical data with contextual insights to help enforce best practices and stop incidents in their tracks. By baking K8s expertise directly into the product, Komodor is democratizing DevOps knowledge and empowering dev teams to resolve issues efficiently and independently.
Speedscale  is a traffic replay framework that provides API observability, and autogenerated tests and mocks from real traffic. Speedscale helps engineering teams validate how new code will perform under production-like workload conditions. Traffic can be multiplied to measure the golden signals of latency, throughput, saturation and errors before the code is released
Cloudcasa is Free Kubernetes Backup and Cloud Migration with Cyber-Resilience as-a-Service. Mi Casa es Tu Casa!
Sysdig is driving the standard for cloud and container security. The company pioneered cloud-native runtime threat detection and response by creating Falco and Sysdig as open source standards and key building blocks of the Sysdig platform
ARMO assures DevOps, DevSecOps, and developers that every workload, cluster, container, and microservice is born and remains secure, from development to production and from configuration to run-time, every time. They are the creators of Kubescape.
Robusta - an open source platform for Kubernetes troubleshooting and automation. Robusta automates your incident response and troubleshooting - what Docker did to Day 1, Robusta does to Day 2.
Suborbital Making cloud native WebAssembly easy.
SlimAI - giving developers the power to build better cloud-native applications with less friction, complexity, and waste.
Teleport is the easiest, most secure way to access all your infrastructure. The open-source Teleport Access Plane consolidates connectivity, authentication, authorization, and audit into a single platform.
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Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak @saiyampathak

Kubernetes and cloud native

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